LF Confusion GT or the Like

(Justin Thompson) #1

Hi all. Since the family poltergeist made my MYY V6 disappear, I’m on the hunt for a modern, NON slimline dedicated metal responsive throw. I’ve been eyeing the Confusion GT, or maybe replacing the as yet unreturned V6 Locus with a new one in a different colorWAT. Any insight into the characteristics of the GT, or any suggestions of other responsives of this caliber are much appreciated. PS: Is there such a thing as a ‘high perdormance’ responsive bearing? Many thanks.

(ClockMonsterLA) #2

As far as I know there are only two types of responsive bearings in use these days, type A and half-spec (aka “slim”) type C. Neither of which I would call “high performance” (but neither would I call them “low performance”). They simply do the job without fanfare, AFAIC. Moreover, I’m not aware of any company that makes “premium” versions of either type.

The GT, while not slimline, is still undersized and pretty light. The only other comparable model I can find on YYE is the Duncan Metal Drifter.

(Justin Thompson) #3

Thanks for your input on the bearing issue, that helps.,


Try the MagicYoyo T9…?!

(Justin Thompson) #5

Ill look into it, thanks noodles.


Cheap and everywhere on eBay and aliexpress

(Justin Thompson) #7

You got that right.


I have a Metal Drifter and play it unresponsive. It’s very comfortable, light, and floatational, but for responsive I’d like it to be a tad bigger and a teensy bit heavier.

(Justin Thompson) #9

What say you Chris, excluding another V6. Should I try the Confusion GT (which is honestly what I’m kinda leaning toward), the Metal Drifter, or the MYY T9, which Im gonna have to look up as I know nothing about it. Any others Ive not thought of, such as the MYY V3?


Never tried anything but the metal drifter snd v6. Drifter is too light and eh, in my opinion. I am going to try v6 responsive but with thin lube. I did this with my replay and it is still responsive but spins longer


Based on what you wrote I’d definitely recommend the Confusion GT.

I am not a huge fan of it responsive, just a bit wide for my tastes as a responsive, but as an unresponsive it’s perfect. And if you are looking for NON-slimline then this is exactly what you want.

(Justin Thompson) #12

Well thank you sir. I’ll start setting aside for the GT. I think they’re currently $35, so not too bad. Probably behoove me to check the BST and see if anyone has a nice one for sale.


You gotta watch out for these :ghost:


You’ll love it. It was Jeff’s before. lol