Lets write a story

Post 1 sentence to keep it going…

Once upon a time…

In a land far, far away, in another time and place…

There was a hotdog nenes Steve who had a cowboy hat…

Who found a star that looked like a cow.

With that cow shaped star, Steve changed his name to billibob-cowboy-maniac and went to save the world from a band of alpaca lips who wanted to start the apocalypse.

On that journey he met many strange people and visited many strange places.

Including a roving band of chinchillas.

He decided to join that band, and with them be made a hit album called “Chin chillin’ in a far off land”

Which then he became famous as the hotdog he was.

After that whole fame thing was over, we went back to the original quest of destroying the alpaca lips who wanted to cause apocalypse

They destroyed them with flaming hot cheese and nuclear ketchup bottles.

Soon, though, a jealous frankfurter schemed a plan to annihilate Steven.

He assembled a team of assassins and thugs and…

had a cup of tea with them

And told them “I want to marry one of you”

So he married an assassin and went on his way to kill Steven.

And he married the onion of them and so they lived…



And the Onion was named Quinn.