Finish the Story!


Here’s how this game works: I’ll start off with a simple sentence, and you have to finish the story! one sentence per post please! :smiley:

Once upon a time, there was a man named Scott, and he found a yoyo on the ground.

Finish the story!

(JET) #2

It was Chris’s personal peak, it was the most amazing yoyo Gold Plated, dead smooth, and perfectly mint, he did a test throw and…


The string suddenly snapped and yoyo rolled and rolled but was stopped by Steve Brown’s foot.


The end.

(I finished it!)


but that’s what Steve brown wanted you to think. That it was the end of the story. So he can go sell the yoyo on eBay (insert evil laugh)


It turns out the yoyo was actually a grenade, so Steve Brown died.


and then Steve Brown suddenly appeared on this thread (Steve, Steve, I need you).

(JET) #8

yet suddenly steve turned into lady gaga and that was when andre comes out and hands us all signed trading cards but in reality they are throwing knives that he wants you to use for…


Killing, but instead they slip out of his hands and he dies.


And magically he returns to life and tells us to start a new story because someone sabotaged this one.


But them he died again.


Then he used some dark magic and…


Ate an enchanted cheese burger which contained…


magic cheese of course!

(This is a really, really weird thread by the way.)


Which also happened to be deadly causing him to die.


then Andre came back to life and said this story is stupid…


And said, "here is the start of the new story…


Once upon a time in a land far, far away, in another time and place…


There was a chocolate unicorn named Steve who wasn’t an ordinary unicorn but a …


Dead one.