The scenario ( forum game)


Here is how it works…

You read the scenario the post befor you has left,

You then answer with a funny, serious, crazy answer, then leave a Senario for the next person…

I’ll start …

You are at an intersection in the city, and you see a giant pink elephant with purple polkadots charging in your direction. You…(fill in the story)

(Raphael) #2

Tell him he gots junk in his trunk :stuck_out_tongue: then hand him a tissue

You fall asleep in a matress ware house, and you have to explain to the manager what happened when he wakes you up


I explain that I was simply product testing, and ask if I could get back to doing my job.

You running throught the congo basin when you run into a hippo. What do you do?


You sit down and have tea time with him and talk about politics. ;D

Your sky diving, you jump from a b52 bomber, you pull your rip cord for your parachute just then?


If it’s out the front you get sucked into the engine and die, out the back you float to the bottom and hope there aren’t people waiting for you( if yer in the mid east/ Libya)

You are snorkeling in the ocean in a shallow place( your face is about 12-18 inches from the bottom) and you see 2 huge eyes of a sting ray staring you down! * this happens to me


you pet him. and BITE OFF HIS BARB

your in a mall and you were very sleepy and picked something up and accidentally put it in your pocket, the police bring you to jail and dont believe that you were very sleepy and picked something up and accidentally put it in your pocket what do you do?

(Thomas) #7

Explain to Him that wasn’t you and it was a robot.

A magician pops up out of nowhere and throws a banana at you.


I give him a pair of glasses because he can’t see that I am a human not a monkey.

you are driving your car and suddenly see a man sleeping on the street


I stop and honk at him and say,“Wakey wakey sleepy head!” and I would give him a coffee to go.

You are at the grocery store and you find squirrels throwing acorns, in the cheese iel, at you and then…


Explain to them that it’s THE WRONG ISLE to be throwing acorns at me. The right isle is two isles over, everyone knows that.

You wake up and are a banana. Sitting in your fruit basket, with YOURSELF about to eat you.

bonus: You are in an empty room, and need to escape. What do you do?


I think how much better I would be if I were dipped in chocolate

You are swimming in the middle of the ocean and you notice some fish trying to survive on a life boat, with a thunderstorm on the way you tell them…


you tell them to just keep swimming, just keep swimming,swimming,swimming,swimming,swimming…

a gigantic blue man with an eye patch breaks into your house and steels all the milk. you…


Buy more milk.

A bear with a sombrero made of nachos forces you to eat all this BUTAAAHHHHH:


I eat the bear instead, I like nachos

you go on a place with your girl friend and then she disappear, what do you do?


meh. i didnt like her anyway… she’ll find her way back

you make a ham and cheese sammich… the cheese is moldy and the grocery store is closed what do you do


beat it up with a hammer

everyone in the world dies except you and your sister


I Dont Have a sis So I am The Only One I Get Out yoyo from my pocket and do this crazy trick that a crowd out of nowhere appear and i am on world stage then …


you wake up and realized that it is only a dream

there is a hungry lion, it sees you and wants to eat you


pull out your trusty looper, and blugeon it to death

you are at school, when 3 kids come up to you. holding guns. (backwards) what do you do?



a tree falls on your house