Grab the magic throw.

So on the City of Hero forums there was a game called grab the shammio or something like that. Basically it was a game where someone would steal this thing from the previews person in a crazy way.

Lets say I would take it from the previous person and the previous had in that he hid behind a force field, I would say something along the lines that I would disable the generator or breaking the force field with some absurd weapon.

After I had the object I would go hide/fortify myself in some crazy way. Then the next person would do something stealing it from me.

This game allows people to get really creative.

Does this game sound like something the forum would like to do?

Sounds like something a little different to the usual forum games. I’m in!


Im in

Me too


While walking home I notice a glowing yoyo on the ground.

Takes yoyo home and puts in on table.

Then it grows legs and walks over to your fridge

Your supposed to steal it from me :stuck_out_tongue:

I take it off the table and eat it.


I walked down the street and saw a glowing yoyo on a table within my friends house. I raised the magical whistle to my lips and blowed. It let out a horrible screech. Flying cats surrounded the house, shooting fireballs until it was no more. One tabby cat raised from the wreckage covered in ash, holding the magical yoyo. I felt complete. A surge of power overtook me, but i knew i must keep this a secret. I ammediatly shoved the glowing object into my underpants. It was cold

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YES!!! Just like that!!!

Ill let someone else steal it from you

I fall from the sky I was hanging from and land with my right elbow in your ear. You scream as I strip you of your clothes looking for the yoyo. I find that your string line panties from Victorias Secret are glowing once I take off your pants. I reach in and grab the yoyo. I run off to the nearest gas station store, where I take various objects from the food section and mix them all into one liquid. I drink the liquid and it absorbs my stomach acids, so I can safely swallow the yoyo without damaging or digesting it. Now the yoyo is safe.

So yeah, I ate it.

I ran up to you in all my nakedness and as the light reflected off of my gluteous maximus, you were blinded. I proceded to shove prunes down your throaght. I then took the yoyo out of your pants. I ran to usps and packed up the yoyo. I proceded to mail the wonder to yoyospirit to be polished and cleaned, for, the anno was soffocating the yoyo’s spirit whithin.

Haha I’ll let someone else play. (But YoyoSpirit better watch out)

Upon retutung home so a smoldering pile of ash which used to be my house I instantly noticed that the glowing yoyo of aweomenessnessness was missing.

after some time of analyzing clues and the surround area hood I dudeded several things; 1. this is not a normal yoyo 2. This is only the start of things to come. and 3. the yoyo has been in possession of 2 people.

I see 1 man fat and bloated pooping on the side walk and a naked man running to post office. I follow the naked man to the post office and abosever him mail out the yoyo probled to get polished. After a few moments the naked guys leave the post office, I enter.

Upon talking to the clerk I get a tracking number for the package. I use this tracking number to find the mail truck it is on.

I decide to pull off one of those amazing Fast and Furious style heist on the mail truck you know fast cars hot babes and to many expulsions to count

After receiving the throw I hop in my twin turbo, nitrous powered car and haul ass off into the sunset.

I hire a purple baboon, which I feed a magic bean. As it mutates into an elephant, I quickly assemble a harness around it. I chase the UPS truck, riding my elephant, until my elephant accidentally steps on the truck. I jump off, find the yoyo, and feed it to an electric eel.

Aaaw, you got it first. Oh we’ll, I do the same thing to your car.

I use my magical talking-to-eels power to convince the eel to give me the yoyo. Than I start playing with it, and invent 300 new styles of play.

“Hey, can I try that style”
I take the string and rip off your throwhand middle finger, use it to flip you off, and proceed to shove it down your throat and choke you with the string in the process. Then I take the yoyo (and your sweet wristwatch) and run off. I then run into the rubber band factory and use an industrial sized rubber band to launch the yoyo through a hole in a tile in the roof. So it is now on a roof of a 10 story tall building SUCKAS. Then I launch up there myself, gather some twigs, make a nest, and sit on the yoyo.

I find a match. I then reano the yoyo and conjure a homunculus to guard it, relying on you not knowing what a homunculus is.