Grab the magic throw.


I beat up the homunculus with one of my new styles (“homunculus beatdown”) and throw the yoyo in the middle of an erupting volcano.


the I scream in agony because of what I’ve done, as the yoyo ascends since that was the best throw ever.


Using my super awesome and super strong super telepathic powers I stop the yoyo from ascending. I then fly off into the center of the sun!


I get a really big fire extinguisher and put out the sun, then hide the yoyo in a creepy puppet head.


which I then take a strange tf2 spy knife searching through all the puppets till I find the yoyo glimering in it’s epicness. Taking it to the deepest part of mars


I am Mars. I swallow you and spit the yoyo back to earth and throw Mars rocks to create a super strong box around the yoyo.



I’m a star, so I burn threw all of your rocks and hurl the yoyo into a black hole.


I hop into my TARDIS (because I’m The Doctor), fly it into the black hole, retrieve the yoyo, con the Daleks into worshiping it as their god, and leave it under their protection. Exterminate! Exterminate!



I throw a copy of the yoyo in to the crack in Amy’s room. They fall I and have never existed. I then take the yoyo and your tardis as you try and stop me. You fall into the crack never existing on the first place.


noooooooo! Then princess celestia swoops down and catches you.


Wanting to own the magic yoyo once again, I hire Dobbledore to perform a Necromancy spell to raise this thread from the dead. Then I whack whoever has the yoyo know with a large wooden rock, take the yoyo, and use a spatial anomaly to transform a c-clip into a ski-rink. (So basically I made a very small ski-rink. You would need my spatial anomaly to enter it.) I place the yoyo into the ski rink, then disguise my spatial anomaly as a Poké ball, which I give to a weird 7 year old.


I read your post find the pokeball take it. The use my tardis which has a spatial anomaly to get. I then take the yoyo to Benedict Cumberbatch.


Then which I wait for you at the door with my my big giant plasma gun of amazingness planning to shoot you with it until you drop the Yoyo and run away screaming like a little girl. Now i can go on my spaceship to go to a galaxy that on one knows of. And hide it in a crocerbearamooses mouth.


After hearing about this magic yoyo, I have to find it. I go everywhere looking for the starship, which I easily find when I see a giant metallic yoyo-shaped object floating in outer space. I run up, mojo the starship to death like Austin Powers, and slit the starships metal stomach open with my teeth. There I find the sacred yoyo in the crocerbearamooses mouth, and although the crocerbearamooses acidic spit is hurtful, I get past it. I go to an undiscovered planet, which less than 15 people know of. I then give the yoyo to my best friends the X-Men who guard it safely in an adamantium vault, guarded by a 50 digit code that updates every 20 seconds on a key-fob, that only Wolverine has, as well as a pit of Mechanical sharks and Austin Powers himself, with 3 titanium doors infront of these, in the middle of the planet, 100,000 miles deep.


Luckily I am one of the 15 people. I go to this planet. Knowing how the xmen work I take them down with their own tactics. I then destroy the adamantanium titanium and the sharks with my highly superior hardtoobtainium switch blade. Take out Austin corvo style and guess the code with ease. To prevent further stealing I keep the yoyo and play with it like it should be. If your nice ill let you try it.


Can I try it? I like your sweater! I’m really nice!

…I say sarcastically as I punch the yoyo into your jaw, knocking you senseless. I grab the yoyo, dig a hole, and bury you in it, building another nest on top and sitting on the yoyo, along with 20 identical yoyos to confuse anyone that wants to try and take it.


I used my laser beam eyes to detect the dust from QFC’s table to steal the yoyo and ran into a teloporter to go to the beginning of time…


I follow you through the teleporter, steal the yoyo, run back through the teleported, and mail the yoyo to a modder, for tuning and reanodizing.


then as it’s going throughout the mail my pet crocerbearamoose finds it eats it and runs off to give it to me as I go find another place in the galaxy to go hide my magic throw which is on a huge planet.


I find you and get the yoyo because I’m awesome like that. Then I break the yoyo into a thousand pieces which I randomly scatter across the galaxy.