Dark Magic 1

Whats the deal w/ this?
I hear it talked about alot,I love mine,it’s not my fav throw. ???
Really fun,just not my #1.

Main Yo-Yo sold by the Site, isn’t it? It’s their in-house Product, so to speak. Which is OK.

If you consider the time when they were first released, it was like the Draupnir of the past, it was the **** back then. And for me it still is awesome today along with the Speeder 1.

this. i wish i didng lose my x-convict. such nostalgia there.

this. i wish i didng lose my x-convict. such nostalgia there.

man I got my x-con as a throw in.its cracked,but its one of my favorites.
try to baby it,but its a great throw,have to use it still.
its the typical yyj stress cracks.


yeah dude i lost mine when i went on vacation like 6 years ago​:joy: im waiting on the all metal one​:joy::joy:

Oddly enough I just threw an old one of mine today. There’s something about the sound of a dry bearing spinning in a YYJ that makes me nostalgic.

Anyway, the Dark Magic really was a big deal back when it was released. A really well designed yoyo that allowed some people to push the limits a bit more.

That said, it was never my favorite for whatever reason. I always preferred the Hitman or the Speeder. Different strokes for different folks I suppose.

The Dark Magic 1 or 2? The DM1 has a hybrid O-ring and Starburst. You seem to be talking about the DM2, though neither seem to get much buzz anymore. Maybe if you’re going through older threads.

The DM1 is the yoyo used in the original tutorial videos seen by hundreds of thousands of people. The DM2 is the yoyo used in the current tutorial videos that many people learning yoyo today utilize. It’s still featured and recommended on the shop. A best seller in both iterations.

Some people have been pretty negative about the DM2 on the forum over the last few years. With its high walls and side caps, it doesn’t fit the image of a modern yoyo in the way it once did. I still love it. Great yoyo. Added another to my collection just recently. It’s a competent player, it’s fun, and it’s modern yoyo history at the end of a string.

If you want to fall asleep staring at Dark Magics; just watch All of Andres 1A yoyo tuts from the the very simple to the most advanced level tricks.

He does em All on Dark Magics.

It is still a very good yoyo.


Think of it this way; if you had 1000 different yoyos; 999 of them wouldn’t be your #1 yoyo🤔

A good, very good or even Excellent yoyo may still not be your best playing yoyo.

The Dark Magics are very good Yoyos. Hey, not my number one yoyo either…

But I throw one for a few minutes a day and I can’t throw a DM without smiling.

Pretty much a timeless Classic to me. And you can buy one without ending up in Bankruptcy Court🤓


I truly hope so at least…