Dark Magic 10th Anniversary

I just realized that this year marks the 10th anniversary of the Dark Magic.  Since this year is coming to a close, and I haven’t seen anything mentioning the Dark Magic’s 10th anniversary, I thought I should post something commemorating one of the best mid-priced yoyos ever.

I will never forget my first Dark Magic.  It was a sparkling red Dark Magic I purchased from Dave’s Skill Toys way back in 2006.  It was the first unresponsive yoyo I bought and quickly became my favorite. I played with it non-stop and learned many things on it . Unfortunately, it suffered the fate many yoyojam’s suffer: hub cracking and eventually breaking.  I quickly purchased another one, and it too suffered the same fate.  I now have a baby blue one, and it has lasted the longest but is starting to crack.  I am probably going to retire it after I get a couple of the new Dark Magics for Christmas.

Thanks Andre and Yoyojam for making such an awesome yoyo.


I still have my original Dark Magic from the very first batch, purchased directly from André. I lost the caps many years ago and like yours it has cracked hubs but it’s still one of my favorites, and I love that the DMII is still around and still being made in new colorways. It goes to show what a good design it was/is.

Here’s the original, in many different colorways - http://www.yoyomuseum.com/?12

It was exhibit #12 in the Museum, pretty amazing.


You are so lucky to have a first run Dark Magic. Although, it is a shame the caps are lost. :’( I wish I could have snagged one with the original cap artwork. I have always thought the original artwork was one Yoyojam’s best designs.

Thanks for posting the link. I love that website, lots of great stuff on there.

I have an original DM as well. I think that I may have tossed the caps though, unfortunately. I know they’re not on the throw right now, but they might be in a box somewhere.

The yoyo itself has some minor cracking, but I should really try to find those caps and polish up the rims.

Thank you YoyoJam for getting me started on the road to skill toys. And emptying my wallet.

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I came along just as YYJ brought out the DM 2. As far as I am concerned it was the best yoyo I could have had to learn with.

What about the DMII?

Mine was a lime green one, bought here 5 years ago. My hub shot too. Still have the caps though ;D

Thanks for the very kind post! It is pretty amazing that it has been ten years since the original release of the yo-yo! I still throw it very often and new tutorials are being released soon featuring the DM2!

10th Anniversary Edition in the works as well. :wink:

  • André

I know the feeling…

I can’t wait for the 10th Anniversary Edition DM2 and new tutorials!

…especially the DM2 ;D ;D

Yay,new tutorials,i love the DM2 as wel,that yoy help me out alot with learning extensive tricks, it was a perfect wait to give me long spin times and be incredibly stable to fit in alot of tech stuff, i cant to see the 10th anniversary edition.