Yoyojam Dark magic 2

I’ve seen this guy pop up every once in a while and obviously I’ve seen the yo-yo expert tutorial where Andre is using it. Even tho it’s pretty old at this point what are your guys’ thoughts on the yoyojam Dark magic 2? Tempted to try and find one to pick up.


I have one, its aged very well! You can really see why it was the top throw of that era. Take the caps off and put in a nice 10 ball and it will play super smooth on the string.


It was my first high dollar throw (so I thought at the time of release). I lost mine then about a year ago picked up another in perfect shape and it’s awesome. I love it. It plays ahead of it’s time in my opinion. This and the Hitman are timeless.


The expert village videos on the site are done using an original Dark Magic. Both are worth owning in my opinion.


I now have both and will probably keep them forever.

I have two of them. They are near the top of my favorites list. Probably second only to my hitman collection as far as plastics go. Smooth with a good weight distribution.

The first Dark Magic was my first “real” yoyo, back in 2009. I still have it, and it’s fun to pick up and throw around every once and awhile. I think everyone who’s thrown a DM or DMII can collectively agree that the world needs an updated Dark Magic 3 (maybe with iYoYo?). I know if @AndreBoulay got a dollar for every time he heard that, he’d be richer than Bezos by now, but he could probably still come close by actually releasing it since you just know it would do hella numbers. :eyes:


It’s an excellent yoyo. It somehow still holds up to a lot of modern yo-yos in terms of stability and spin time and it doesn’t play like a brick despite its weight. You should definitely try to find one and experience it for yourself, it’s a magical experience playing with it, just like its name suggests.