Adventure Time Discussion

Here we can talk about Adventure Time.

Opinions on the latest episodes? Recently I just watched “Be More”. Definitely one of my new favorite episodes.

Tobuscus time!

I’m not familiar.

Whenever somebody asks you what time it is, do you ever answer back ‘ADVENTURE TIME’?


Only if you ask it in all caps, like this: “WHAT TIME IS IT?!?!”

And then proceed to brofist

WHAT TIME IS IT!!?!?!?!??!


Man I love that show…

I liked how the big B-mo kept throwing the old man around:P

B-mo is awesome.
It would be awesome having a game system that has a personality and is self aware.

Yeah that was hilarious.

Bmo was like “are you my grandpa?”

And mo was like “No I’m just your poop”


xbox one, anyone?

I really like the litch storyline, the end of season 4 and beginning of season 5 were real nail-biters.

I’ve missed out a lot on newer episodes though, gotta catch up soon.

Wait they made they xbox one self aware?

And yes i do agree the litch story line was cool but very predictable.

Yes. The Litch story-line was predictable, but the real “shocker” was when Ice Kind dropped Princess Bubblegum into that Well of acid.

Yeah that was a real shocker.
But That was the only thing unpredictable in the story I was like

Ice King is actually one of my favorite characters.

He is a sad lonely guy, with a really sad back story.

He deserves more credit than he gets.

well, there are rumors that it will watch you, and you’ll have to talk to it, so they kinda are getting there.

obviously we all knew that good guys would win, but there is no way you could predict the “farmland” episodes(“finn the human” and “jake the dog”)

has anyone read AT wikia and Pendleton’s Q and A page? there is some really interesting background info about AT universe and Ooo.

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My Xbox already does that. Its called a Kinect! lol, the camera never turns off until you turn off the Xbox, and if I say “Xbox” it listens to me.

oh yeah the e3 conference said that it would recognize you.