Lets write a story

Quinn left the house and ran away.

and ran into none other than the jealous frankfurter.

Quinn met a curious fellow by the name of Church. Church is the Epsilon unit, a fragment of the A.I. Alpha. Alpha is the real church. Epsilon is another version of Church. Church is the Director. The Director loves Tex. Tex is Beta, also a fragment of Alpha. She embodies failure. The Director endlessly tries to make Beta, or Tex, aka Allison, perfect. In the end he dies endlessly watching a video of Tex Allison or Beta. Church, or Epsilon, or Alpha, has a friends named caboose. Caboose lacks intelligence. One day Caboose went to the general store to buy head light fluid when…

You are my friend if you got all of the RvB references. Especially the headlight fluid bit.

Suddenly the dancing banana came along and started destroying the world by stompin around and dancing so hard the core of the earth shook and the earth’s spiral around the sun became disoriented.

So the sun took an Advil for its headache.

Suddenly the earth started spiraling closer and closer to the sun on it’s disoriented path that all the peeps on earth were sweating every day…

And then people started to spontaneously combustion, and Steve realized this and ran for help

Ge ran to get help from a local Martian named Fred who was a mechanic so he could…

Create a giant laser that could shoot the Earth back into orbit, but then he realized that it would need so much nuclear energy it would destroy the earth anyway…

So he destroyed it and went back to the drawing board
(Does anyone think that this Steve is a bit suspicious? )

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So he decided to screw NASAs research and build a home in mars anyway to…

die. THE END!

Okay, new story.

Once upon a time, Yonut was…

… taking his midnight jog when all of a sudden, a bright green light flashed in front of him.

It was a UFO that sucked him up and…

Turned out to be the Green Lantern corps(I love my comics) and they asked him to join

They needed to use his yoyoing powers to save a planet in danger of losing its spin.

But he couldn’t do it without the squidtenticular powers of Squid Girl.

And the trusty help of Squid Girl’s Magical Merlin kitten who liked to sleep on her head.

So he met up with her at the local McDonald’s.