Official "What We Are" thread. (Short story by Haru)

Seeing as my goof friend Offstew has posted bits of his ongoing story, I thought I would share one of my own projects I have been working on for a while.
I present to you “What we are”, a short story about life, trials, questions, and discoveries.
This has been a work in progress for a while now, and I now am confident enough to share it with you all.

You’ll learn a bit more on the characters as you go, but for now, just know that this story is quite a bit of what I have gone through personally, as well as experiences of my own friends. The main character, Jae,a fox, is not meant to be me, but a character who deals with many of the same things I go through, as well as those close to me. His character development was loosely based on myself and a few other individuals.

Keep in mind that characters are Anthropomorphic animals (meaning animals with human characteristics, body types, clothing, think like my avatar, haha)

And since it will most likely be asked of, YES there are numerous yoyo related events and references throughout the story!

I will post new sections every so often, but for now, here are part 1 and part 2 of the story.

(Part 1: “Quite Dull”)

(Part 2: “Terrence”)

I hope you all enjoy, and feel free to ask any questions, list opinions etc.

Thank you!


Now releasing Part 3!

Part 3: The Chase


Now releasing part 4!

Part 4: Cutting Deep.

I gotta say that this particular section was incredibly difficult for me to write. Ill be open and say that this was something I have dealt with in my life, and going back to write about it was very difficult and brought lots of feelings up. But my hope is that through the retelling of this moment, that others may feel that they are not alone dealing with this, and that you can get out of it as we will see later in the story.
For now, enjoy!


Just read the first chapter… It’s good, and I have no doubt that the rest of the story will be better. That one first chapter seems to have a lot of potential for evolving into a good story…

That was marvelous Josh. Keep writing.

Thank you for your comments guys!
^ ^

Part 5 is now up!

Part 5: Hope


Part 6 is now up for reading!

Part 6: Violent Trials

Again, another very difficult section for me to write, as it does bring back some tough memories and situations. But as before, I think writing about these sort of situations is something that can be good for those that may have found themselves in similar situations so they know that they are not alone.
I know that during times of hardship for myself, talking to others who could relate did huge things for me.
I hope I can achieve that as well.

Anyways, enjoy!


Part 7 is now up!

Part 7: Struggles

Whew! Things lighten up a bit in this section.
Im definitely starting to reveal many things about the character that highly relates to myself, as will continue in future sections.

Again, enjoy!


Can’t believe I’ve ignored this thread this whole time… Gonna start reading tonight :slight_smile:

Part 8 is now up!

Part 8: Friends

No matter what happens, there will always be friends to be there for you.



Hey guys, sorry I hadn’t updated this in a while, but its still coming along!

Part 9 and 10 are now up!

Part 9: Arrival

And part 10: Realizations

Part 10 is quite long, and in this chapter, Jae comes to a very big realization, one that really hits hard as I know well. I had a lot of fun writing this chapter as it hits close to home, but also was just all around fun to write, haha ^ ^



Wow, this is some deep stuff. I feel like this is very realistic, because you know what it’s like to be in these situations. Good writing Josh.

Thank ya boi.
^ ^
Means a lot, and yeah, going through this stuff isn’t easy, but when writing this kind of thing, it helps that they are real life experiences. :slight_smile:

Part 11 is up!

Part 11: Help

Help comes from all around, and in times of desperation, one finds help in many places.
Very personal to myself, and I know it can be seen as bad to some, but this is my own experience and not trying to tell or convince, just what has happened in my own life.





Part 12 is up!

Part 12: Party

Things are about to get interesting!



Lucky part 13 is up!

Part 13: Action

Parties are fun, but sometimes, things can go horribly horribly wrong.