"What We Are" (Short Story by Haru)

Hey all!

So a bit over a year ago, I started working on a short story that spawned off thing’s that were from my own personal life experiences, and experiences of some very close to me. As time progressed, the short story started getting not so short, and getting input from numerous other individuals, the story became more than just a little rant of words and a journal.

I will say, that it took a bit of boldness to be willing to post this public, as the things that happen and the experiences of the main character are mostly that of my own. But I know that perhaps through this, people will get to know me better, maybe understand somethings, and really, enjoy a good read.


I know the question will come up “Haru, you’re a wolf, why is the main character an anthro fox?”
To answer the question, remember, its the experience of mainly myself, but also some of the experiences that some close friends of mine had gone through. The main character, Jae, is not Haru, but a collaboration of Haru, and specifically, 2 other individuals in my life. Thus, while much of Jae is myself, I’t wouldn’t be right to make the main character “Haru”.

That said, hope you enjoy, obviously, not looking to get this sold or anything, its nowhere at that level yet haha, but hey, if you got time, could be an interesting read.

Thank’s to all for the support!