I am a part of...

I am not a part of the YoYo community.
I am not a part of the YoYo clique.
I am not a part of the YoYo circle.
Nor am I part of the YoYo league.
No, I am part of the YoYo fandom, for I am simply, a fan of yoyoing.
I don’t throw for contest, I don’t throw for others, I don’t throw for the praise of others, nor do I throw for recognition.
I throw for myself and my own spiritual expression.
I throw for the love of it.
I don’t go for hype, or even bother with big names.
I don’t idolize any player, or consider higher places to be greater.
I am a fan of YoYo, and this is all it will be, for I am in the YoYo fandom, not a selfish community.


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I think you miss the point if you think of a community as “selfish”. :wink:

I love this community and I have seen so much selflessness and giving recently that it humbles me.

I don’t mean to sound cruel, Haru-Ray, but the above post actually sounds like some of the most self-centered self-important hot air I’ve read in a long while.

“Look at me, I’m spiritual and creative” is still “look at me.” The very fact that you posted a diatribe that goes WAY off the mark of what people think of when they say “yoyo community” is still a “look at me” moment. If you’re working your way towards enlightenment, you’ve got a long way to go in terms of the “losing of self” that’s so important.


Good post, I relate to this.

I know what you’re talking about though, so I understand more then most.

Do you all the way.

Ones soul grows weary to see the unseen, When the spirit of the darkness lies in front of ones eyes.

Self centered? Perhaps, but hot air? Not so my fellow traveller of the road of life.
One must remember that we live in a very cruel world, and within, we find cruelty within our sub groups.
To make it through, we must define why it is we are here, why we do what we do, and what is our purpose and destiny.

I have found mine.
You all as a “community”, I ask, have you?



i agree with everything but the selfish part…

if you try, there are alot of great peeps on here…

Me, as an individual, who happens to be a PART of the yoyo community (one small aspect of my life) has, yes. You’ll rarely meet a more self-actualized person. :wink:

This is very Deep stuff here. Be careful though, in college I got very philosophical about life. The more philosophical I got, the more isolated I felt as the world around me didn’t make much sense any more.

It’s healthy to think deeply once in a while though because “The unexamined life is not worth living” – Socrates


I remember my first trip…


Me too, good times man. Although, it always had to be coupled with friends and beer, or things would be just too weird.

It’s also common as a young person and young adult to try different personas on for size. I don’t mean that people are “faking it”. Nobody actually thinks they’re trying on a persona. But you discover sides of you that you’re really happy about and that fit your current ideals for self-identity, and you forge them into what you believe is “self”. It’s usually a very earnest thing and it’s hard when you’re in the middle of it to recognize it for what it is.

My 25-year-old self was exactly who I needed to be at 25, so I think it’s natural and we’re all entitled to it. But we shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking the rest of the world is less enlightened or isn’t seeing things clearly. Sometimes older people like me actually HAVE gone through this sort of thing and have seen it through to the other side. The youthful “you don’t understand” and unintentionally condescension that comes with it is entirely symptomatic (just as the unintentional condescension of older people is symptomatic of their stage of life!), so I highly doubt anything I could say will matter… and I have no truly ill feelings. Enjoy the ups and downs of intellectual discovery and expression… you’ll discover some great things that stick with you for life, and at some point some of the trappings and affectations will fall by the wayside.

It’s going to be totally rad to be 80 years old and looking at 40-year-old me and thinking, “That pup didn’t know jack.”

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Well said. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what you are insinuating here, but if you have something to say. Say it. Enlighten us to your thoughts, as we may all come together and share.


This is too deep for the yoyo world… They’re yoyos. No matter how you treat it, it is still a simple hobby. It should be treated as such. Theres not much philosophical thinking to be had.

The only thing this post proved to me is that you try to make it seem like you’re “philosophical”. When in return you only seem self centered. I dont want to sound mean, I’m just telling you how I feel about your post.

Why does Haru bark it confuses me and its kind of weird. no offense to him in any way but what ever floats your boat good friend ,And for his philosophical point of view I’m just here for knowledge and the enjoyment of it.

I know I’m one of the ones questioning the original post, but the answer to this question is pretty much all over any given post by HaruRay (for example, the signature). He’s a “furry” and proud of it, and in order to express this, he includes canine-like onomatopoeia (sp?) in his posts.

I hope HaruRay doesn’t mind me interjecting… I suspect it’s the kind of thing you get weary of explaining, and an outsider can probably put it in blunter terms. :wink:

Possibly not the right thread for this discussion, though.

We are all entitled to our own opinions and beliefs.
You see yoyoing and yoyo’s as simple devices of manipulation, lacing of soul and spirit, not capable of bringing out the greater spirit within us.
I see it quite the opposite, as do many others, as do many see it as your point of view.

I simply wish to state my place and how I see things. One can gain quite a bit of knowledge in learning to listen and appreciate others viewpoints. I have seen and heard much of others, and I wish only to share my own with the rest of the fandom.

No harm is meant to any, and I hope we can all learn to appreciate different views, as all have a place within.



I appreciate your view. But, I’ve been there, done that, with Mathematics and Philosophy (instead of yoyos). I would recommend you not take the same path I took as it leads to nothing but isolation of you from everyone else. I do not wish anyone to feel isolated at all. You don’t have to listen to me, but if you don’t you’ll slowly learn to despise all of society. Ten years will blow by, and you’ll be like darn… I’m so lonely…

The experience of one given individual will not always have the same results good sir.
You seem to think you know of everything that I believe and my actions.
You do not know me to that level just as I know not of you the same.
Let us not be so quick to judge one another and continue with our chosen paths of life.
But I do appreciate the concern you show for another fellow traveller.



Cool man, I could be wrong on many levels. As long as I’ve expressed my concerns, I’m happy. I wish you well and take care!

To carry your self forward and illuminate the myriad things is delusion.
That the myriad things come forth and illuminate themselves is awakening or enlightenment.

  • Dogen

‘Meditation is a movement in and of the unknown … it is that energy that thought-matter cannot touch. Thought is perversion for it is the product of yesterday … Everything put together by thought is within the area of noise, and thought can in no way make itself still … thought itself must be still for silence to be. Silence is always now as thought is not. Thought, always being old, cannot possibly enter into that silence which is always new. The new becomes the old when thought touches it … Love can only be when thought is still. This stillness can in no way be manufactured by thought … this stillness can never be touched by thought. Thought is always old, but love is not … the flowering of goodness is not in the soil of thought.

Love is not of the mind, it is not in the net of thought, it cannot be sought out, cultivated, cherished; Love is there when the mind is silent and the heart is empty of the things of the mind.

Love cannot be thought about, love cannot be cultivated, love cannot be practiced. The practice of love, the practice of brotherhood, is still within the field of the mind, therefore it is not love. When all this has stopped, then love comes into being, then you will know what it is to love. ’

  • J. Krishnamurti