Lazy yoyoers?


I know I’m not the only one.

You know, I’m the kind of person who only throws when I feel like it. I don’t have a set time to practice or even just play around. Maybe I’ll play for an hour straight, maybe I’ll only play for 5 minutes in one day. I don’t really care much about contests, so I’m not compelled to learn as much tricks as possible.

I don’t often go beyond my comfort zone so I keep doing the same exact tricks over and over again, so I don’t grow as fast as I ‘should’

So, is anyone like me? Kind of a lazy yoyoer who just does their thing.

(M.DeV1) #2

I hate learning new tricks from videos, it bores me to death! yea I’m the same, some days have way more or less throwing than others.


Oh seriously! As much as I love learning new stuff, I seriously don’t like learning tricks from videos. But then it’s the only thing I have since I’m the only yoyoer in the area and I’m far from the next yoyoer. I don’t have the luxury to go to meets and stuff.

I’m learning looping right now so I’m very excited and that doesn’t bore me. 1A gets old sometimes, I think. And I’m not the most creative person ever so all I can do is to learn other peoples tricks.


I like learning alone which is quite the problem when my roommate is in the room. ::slight_smile:

At home, my brothers yoyo, and they both have more time than I do to practice. Kind of discouraging sometimes, but now I’m doing looping, and they don’t have anything on that. :wink:


Yeah, that’s definitely me. I want to progress, but I just don’t enjoy watching videos and being all serious. I mean, it’s supposed to be fun, right? I mostly just stick to the tricks I know and make up new ones now.


That’s me in a nutshell. I live somewhere where the yoyo community is non-existent so no competitions for me. Even though I don’t compete I feel that I could do decent. Most of the time I play is just whenever I’m bored. That’s the thing I love most about yoyo’s; the portability. You can take it literally anywhere. Even outer space!!!

(Owen) #7

I know that lazy feel.

I do lazy tricks, or I snap start my jojo and see how long it will spin (Using the long sleeper method of course)

I just do it for the leisure.

But when there is a contest I’m gonna go to, I practice for that; to the point of sweat.

But for the most part I just do it for the leisure factor, haha and because it’s a GREAT way to procrastinate


I don’t even yoyo for the purpose of being good at yoyoing, really. It’s something else. I just put some headphones on and do my own style because it feels good. I learn new tricks to add to my arsenal when I feel like I need it, but it’s not my focus.


I just muck around and if I see a trick I like the look of I’ll give it a go. Not really in any huge rush to learn x number of tricks by date y. At the end of the day, throwing is something I do for fun.



I mostly just feel like it’s a relaxing thing to do. Just stick on some music, or a comedy I’ve seen a thousand times (typically late at night) and throw a yoyo. It’s actually pretty perfect. But it doesn’t give me any desire to yoyo fast, so I just try and play smooth and slow, which puts me off a lot of tricks which seem to be about yoyoing fast enough so that you can’t see the throwers hands moving on camera. It’s not to say that isn’t hugely impressive, just not for me.

(SR) #11

This is the embodiment of my yoyoing life.


I wouldn’t say I’m lazy. Erratic, yes. My schedule varies and can change as often as I set things. It’s not unusual for my day to be wrecked shortly before/after waking up, which can have a ripple effect that sometimes can affect months of scheduling. The big stuff stays, the small stuff has the problems.

I practice when I can. It’s usually late, but I’m usually tired, so sometimes I just have to say “not tonight”.

For me, the next few days, I really want to throw, but I can’t. My middle finger on my throw hand is torn to shreds thanks to yoyo’ing(it’s been 17 months, what gives? Oh right, my skin!) and yoyo tape offers no relief. It’s gotta rest and heal. I may say “screw this” and just learn to yo with my left hand. I am trying to learn 2A anyways, and might as well maybe mess with 3A while I’m at it.

(Waylon) #13

I wish I was an impressive yoyoer, but at the end of the day, I’m happy just to have a few minutes to do something that feels good and is mostly just for me.

Studio, have you tried super glue? I thought of you and your silly mic joke last week when I was playing a show and using some bargain priced Audio Technica mics I hadn’t had a chance to test out beforehand.

(DOGS) #14

Ack, good topic.

I think now that I’m throwing less and less, I’m becoming more efficient in a way. I’m taking advantage of the time I have. I’m certainly lazy in that I’m not really coming up with new stuff, just solidifying and resolidifying what I already know.

(2Sick Joey) #15

Im the exact same way! Im lazy and dont make new tricks for videos as much as I should.


I would prefer to not use SuperGlue. I dislike how it feels. I tried it once and it did not agree with me. Plus, the cuts are pretty deep. I mean, I swear I could probably silicone it! I doubt it’s that deep but it certainly feels and looks that way.

Care to point me to the mic joke? I’m having a memory lapse. It must have been something good!

I was doing an event last night and while I was playing the pre-selected CD over and over(and over), I had nothing else to do but throw. That’s why my finger is so torn up right now. I had the system really dialed in, so no issues with feedback, even with poor mic handling issues. Batteries were my biggest problem as I didn’t have any fresh batteries, but I made it through the night.


I didn’t even go to the ohio state yoyo contest which was like 20 minutes away from my place. Nothin was goin on that day either aha. It’s just an escape for me, practicing for contests and what not causes more stress. It’s not my thing :confused:


Stress is bad. I enjoy the contest environment, it helps keep me motivated an inspired.

When I first got in, I had missed CalStates by 2 months. I think I started the day before BAC 2011? No clue about this stuff at all. Kinda hit it good by the time Worlds came around, and then Nationals. Nationals is 2 hours from me, didn’t go because it crept up on me and I was kinda sidelined by it. Worlds is a cross-country plane ride, so not really feasible at the time.

CalStates is like 15-20 minutes from me, at a mall I go to many times a year(usually a dozen or so or more).

DO what feels right. Go or don’t go. However, I enjoy the social aspect of the yoyo.


since when did playing whenever you feel like it become laziness?


Us lazy yoyoers should all get together or something… Tomorrow…