I don't like to learn tricks.....


For some reason, I don’t like to learn tricks…

I have been throwing unresponsive for a year and a half and have done almost all the trick list, and a bunch of others outside.

But when I want to go learn a tricksy my level, they are usually long, Superman, Ladder escape.

And I don’t focus, get bored, and never learn the trick!

Also, I forget some of my tricks and only end up doing a few of the many I know for the day…

Could it be any of these things?

1.) I use a IPod touch to learn on, instead of a big computer.

2.) I learn tricks in the afternoon-late evening-night…

3.) Im not using a super good yoyo, good, but not super good, Protostar, Halo, ONE…

I’m curious about the last one, because, some kids really want to be a good yoyoer and buy something pricey to start off with, Genesis, etc.

And they seem to learn quicker.

I’m taking Apollo2 as an example, he has a bunch of pricey nice yoyos, and he has been YoYoing less time than me, and is a little better… Maybe a lot better…

But, I’m not the best yoyoer, but I have the knowledge. I know how to do a lot of mods, and know a lot of history.,


Things are absurdly easier to learn with a long spinning stage metal.

Genesis>DV888 by an awesome amount.


So your saying if I buy a 80+ metal yoyo it will help me learn tricks easier?

A lot of people say it is the player not the yoyo.





I’m sure I can do Buddahs Revenge on a DV888…


Well, first off I meant to say stable metal. And, no, it’s not totally false. Hm, is it easier to learn a trick with a Genesis or a DV888? In my experience, the Genesis by far.


Not really, it will only help slightly… Anything past a protostar or something like that is just a luxury, extra help that’s not necessary, you can do anything with a modded classic that you could on an anglam, just a little harder, but it’s not going to be 30x easier on an anglam than a classic cuz it costs 30x more :stuck_out_tongue:


I find, for me, it is easier to learn tricks on my TP MaxBet than any other yoyo I have. I am only at the beginning of the advanced list though, and the super stability of this yoyo really helps me. Once I learn it, I can usually learn to do it on other yoyos I have.

As far as remembering the trick, this comes from doing the trick over and over, and committing it to muscle memory. So, after you do learn the trick, you have to keep doing the trick to remember it.


1: I think seeing the videos on a larger screen might help you see some detail.

2: We all learn best at different times. I never have been a morning person. I do my best work in the afternoon/evening. Oh, I can turn on the amazing in the AM if I have to, but it’s just not my time. Whatever time works best for you, I’d recommend that. The key thing is quality time first. If you’re doing strictly quantity but not good quality, you’re wasting your time. If you can combine quality with quantity, you’re in decent shape. Bad practice is counter-productive. Figure out when you can focus the best. For me, I have no time to focus. I find times to work on stuff and my family immediately finds ways to take that time from me.

3: You don’t need a mega expensive yoyo to get the job done. Considering Jensen won Worlds in 2010 with a Northstar says enough right there. However, practice/learning are two different situations. Practice and learning is different because you are going to want or need longer spin times just to keep you in the groove of things, but it’s not necessary. There is nothing wrong with your Protostar or Halo in the least. They are well suited for those learning sessions as well as competition. However, your ONE might not be the best learning yoyo as it’s very light, but I wouldn’t go trashing it. The fact that it’s light is good, because you can use something completely different to test your throw strength and how well you think you know the tricks in the first place.

If you want to spend money on a “quality metal”, that’s entirely up to you. It’s not necessary. Always remember it is the player, not the yoyo.

If you’re forgetting stuff, how well did you learn it in the first place? It’s repetition. It’s getting motor muscle memory. You have to drill it into your head and body and muscles the trick.

Don’t compare yourself to others. This is critical. A defeatist mindset will derail you and possibly even stop you from progressing or wanting to progress. I’m not good. I know this. This doesn’t mean I want to quit. I do push myself, but my issue is this is getting harder and harder and I’m having difficulties getting elements down to do the tricks. Plus, I tend to be slower, so some tricks are just especially difficult since I lack the speed to do things.

You also need to find meets, clubs, teams and other events or ways to meet up with other people who yoyo. They’ll help you work over hurdles and show you other things.

Back to comparison and metal yoyos and costs:
If you look at my collection, I must be some sort of yoyo god. I ain’t. I got money, I spend it on what I want. No yoyo has improved my skill level. Only my hard work has improved my skills. Well, that and coupled by watching videos and having other people help me and show me things. After that, it’s just hard work.

I saw a “proud parent” buy their “yoyo-wonderchild” an MVP. Oh, did I mention the kid had NEVER seen a yoyo before, and the family went walking by a yoyo meet sponsored by a store in a mall? Yeah, the kid say “I want that” and so they went in and bought the little kid(maybe 7 or 8) an MVP, figuring “the best we can get”. The parents refused to let anyone(including the people being PAID as teachers) to help him in any way, much less even cut the string to size. “Oh, he knows what he’s doing” “Oh, he’s so good!” Most of the kid’s play and joy came from just whipping it around and smashing it into the ground. It was so distracting that pretty much nobody was able to really enjoy that meet due to the constant sounds of yoyo banging going on. BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, that kid slammed that yoyo into the ground for 2 hours until it broke until a completely unusable pair of misshapen and chewed yoyo halves with a broken axle sticking out of each half and was disposed of by the parents into one of the nearby trash cans.

Now, I’m not poor, but I sure ain’t rich either. My money comes in on unpredictable spurts as to when I get jobs, do jobs and the people pay. However, $120 to spend on a little kid to have an object to destroy and be promptly disposed of like a facial tissue? Wow. What got me was the proud parents wanting one of my yoyos to be handed over so their kid could continue, and I said “no” and they got angry at me. “You have a lot”. Yeah, well, I paid for them too, so go buy him another to destroy and leave mine alone. But I digress.

Starting off with a decent quality yoyo(Heck, a Classic works great) is more critical than starting with a “great” yoyo. Thank fully, you can get quality and budget-friendly these days. Getting strong fundamentals is far more important than spending loads of money. Honestly, anything I can or can’t do on my upgraded Classic, I have the exact same results with on any of my One Drops, CLYW’s or even my Anglam.

As for me, again, I’m not that good. I don’t have the knowledge. Not to sound all ignorant, but honestly, I don’t have the time to learn all the history, names, models and all that stuff. It’s not necessary for me. I have way more things that are far more important than what comes down to is ingesting large amounts of trivia that for me serves no real purpose. I got into yoyo as something for personal enjoyment, not so I can go make enough effort to apparently get a PhD in yoyo history.

I also haven’t progressed much since early April, learning virtually NOTHING new. I feel I’ve reached a wall and I’m stuck. Still, I try. I just work on what I know and get better at that.

I think for you, it may also be time to try something else. No, I’m not suggesting quitting. You’re obviously working on 1A. Perhaps try 4A or 5A just to add in variety, which is what I do. 2A as well if you want something completely different. Get a pair of Classics to upgrade and then try 3A.


I agree with much of what has been said previously, Studio’s post is useful as always, and whilst I don’t think one needs a high end yoyo to learn on, a long spinning and stable yoyo does, in my opinion, aid learning. That doesn’t mean it has to be too expensive, a Protostar seems like a good choice.

I just wanted to cover two other aspects of throwing here: firstly if you enjoy what you are doing, does it really matter if you’re not learning new tricks? If you are still enjoying throwing, then you will get better regardless of learning new things, and eventually your yoyo control will become good enough that you can learn new things more easily. And this kind of assumes that learning every trick ever, and being the ‘best’ yoyoer is your ultimate goal. If it is that’s fine, but you could quite as easily simply enjoy throwing a yoyo. Which is my particular feeling.

My second point is to ensure what you’re trying to learn is something you like the look of. I don’t particularly enjoy body tricks, or behind the back things or anything like that. It just doesn’t appeal so I don’t ever try and learn these things. I have no desire to compete and so if I don’t like it I don’t do it. What does appeal to me are more techy things, and chopsticks stuff. The Hometown Hero Augie Fash video inspired me to try more chopsticks stuff. Knowing how much I enjoyed watching those tricks gave me the motivation to learn some stuff from that.

Hope that’s vaguely useful.


Hometown Hero is so good… so… soo… good…

But yeah, what everyone else has said, especially echoing Studio’s suggestion of a bigger screen. I could NOT learn a trick on my phone. I use a YouTube downloader to have local copies of tutorials, where I can slow them down even further (even if they have slo-mo) and pause, or create loop points, as needed.

I also put them on a media player so that I can practice in my living room with space all around me instead of trying to practice in front of my computer.

But a phone? Not a chance.

Regarding a more expensive yoyo… I think more stability and longer spins can help for sure. But more importantly, if you love that yoyo, you might be inspired to play more and learn something new! When I get a new yoyo that I love, I almost always invest some time into learning more. It just inspires me.

I trust you’re looking beyond YYE for some tutorials. Red Clover is pretty fun, not too long and complex, and isn’t found here. That’s just one example of many. Or learn some slick new binds. Beginner/Intermediate stuff you may have missed is still worth knowing, like Nanda Kanda. If you already have Nanda Kanda, it makes it a whole lot easier to learn the new Cabin Tutorial… and it’s a cool trick on its own as well.


Amazingly, many times when people are seeking answers to a personal Riddle/malfunction/logjam/sticking point, the answers are right in the information they provide.

Sometimes the answers are as close as the nose on your face.

You located a problem in your first sentence in the text box.

“For some reason, I don’t like to learn tricks”. < the problem you are having trouble is generated ‘by you’.

…You DON’T like to learn tricks. And then you said, “I don’t focus, get bored and never learn the trick”.

You can’t get from your house to the corner, if you don’t make yourself : walk there, skate there, fly there, float there, whatever.

You are lacking a Key element in the yoyo learning Equation. Self Motivation. Sometimes a problem is so close, you just don’t recognize that you ‘are’ the problem.

To be or not to be, that is the question? < in this instance it is more like, ‘to focus or not to focus’ that is the sticking point.

You already said you have learned most of the tricks in the learn section, right? So how can you say you can’t learn a trick? And you have learned most of the tricks on whatever yoyos you already have, right?
So why would you think your current arsenal of yoyos are holding you back?

Nothing wrong with Rockin a seriously expensive spinning machine, but your specific Brainlock is directly related to your ‘Motivation level’.

Thinking you are 'under equipped is more of an escape from dealing with the root problem…I.E.> uh, I’d be a better driver if I had a better car.

Could be one or several thinks going on here causing your ‘distraction’ resulting in poor motivation.

  1. Too much sugar! Yup, that’s exactly what I said. Sugar to a point, cranks you up. Beyond that point, it causes your brain to bounce around like a pinball machine. The juice actually works against you.

  2. Actually could be 1/part two. <> energy drinks. Energy drinks are ok when you Need energy boosts here and there. But the caffeine plus sugar in most Monster/type drinks can totally throw off your Focus to learn things. Your head is your Cage. Your brain is your ball. Too much Amperage, you Rattle your Cage.

People don’t Snort two 5 hour Energy drinks and then practice the Violin, unless at the end of their routine they are going to beat the violin on the edge of the stage and light it on fire, lol.

Yoyo combos can look Powerful, but learning tricks is like learning to play an instrument. It takes a relaxed mind and focus… No matter how complicated a trick is, it still boils down to one Step at a time. There may be sticking points just like when playing a video game… Mario keeps falling in a friggin hole 500 times! And then once you realize that you have to jump to the left when the rock falls, you move past that point.

  1. Problems with school. Problems with friends. Problems with parents. Money problems/lack of, etc. No Yoers in your neighborhood to keep you ‘excited to learn’.
    If you are the only guy in town that actually yoyos, boredom can short circuit Enthusiam in pretty short order.
    The mind is an Amazing thing. It can be your best friend or it can be your undoing. If you are having any personal problems, the back of your mind can whisper to you, 'what’s the use of learning anything. I am still gonna get an F in school tomorrow. Or I will still be broke. Or have to help my Dad all Saturday, do Yard work,.

You have to realign your mind to recognize that ‘yoing’ is quality for you. Learning tricks is Positive exercise for your Brain, like crossword puzzles. Tricks are riddles you try to solve. Anything positive you do is like Push-ups for your mind. You don’t learn tricks because you have to. You learn yoyo tricks because you want to. Because yoing is fun.

Something can’t be fun and boring at the same time. Fun and boring are opposites.

  1. Weather conditions… Way too hot. Snowing outside? Humid to the Maxx? Can’t yo outside, or inside?
    Hard to stay happy, if you are not happy (;-). In lame weather conditions, don’t force yourself into long practice sessions. They won’t be fun. They will turn to Torture and make you hate yoing as much as homework. Instead practice in short sessions, like 10 minutes here, 15 minutes there. Don’t get stuck on the same trick. Work sticking points on various tricks and go back to them later. < your subconscious mind still processes patterns after your primary mind dismisses them.

  2. Exposed to natural light and exercise. If the weather is nice, get out into it. Do a little skating, biking, hackysack, etc. sunlight generates vitamin D, good for you. And exercise generates Endorphins. Endorphins are integral to focus and learning. < low body energy, low mind energy.

  3. Don’t Force yourself to yoyo, like you Have to! Yoyo when you feel like it. When you want to. When you are up to the challenge. Yoing is not a chore like mowing the lawn or taking out the trash. Yoing is a hobby that is supposed to make you feel good and have fun.

  4. If you think you really have to have an 80+ dollar yoyo, don’t get it counting on it to cure your personal situation. Just get it because New yoyos are Fun and just ‘might’ inspire you to focus and throw more while practicing your Smile.

Everything usually starts from a core movement. You, are the Core. You can’t move forward at anything without the proper foundation.

Fundamentally Yoing is not the problem. Make the effort to identify your situation and yoing will be fun again.

  1. Get quality sleep!

The end


These posts are way to long for me… :stuck_out_tongue:


I sincerely hope you intended that to be hilariously ironic. :wink:


Yoyo doc, and studio42, wow, just wow…

Studio, I but my own yoyos, that’s the reason why I don’t have something super expensive.

I am also not spoiled, I don’t think I’m the best, my parents only buy me stuff for Christmas and B-day, unless its some random time and I want a new yoyo case because my is all ruined and outgrown, and they say they will pay, they tell me if I want something I have to earn the money to get it.

I have 4 yoyos that were presents, the rest I bought myself.

Why not try another style? I can do them all, 2a I have double loops down, and other stuff, 3a I can do about 3 but I don’t have a 3a pair…

4a is my second style, I do it alot, I’m good at it, but my 4a is cracking and almost broken and a small one.

5a, I can do a few, but it’s not my style…

I feel that I like to mod and mess around and tinker more than learn…

Yoyo doc,

I’m 13, my parents don’t let me have Monster, red bill, 24hour energy and all that crap…

Sugar, not really, I am a very fit/healthy kid, and eat very well.

I may have a soda every now and then, but not everyday…

I swim almost everyday all day, (11-5 ish)

My house is very nice, it has air conditioning so it’s never to hot/cold or humid…

Usually I take a break from YoYoing, and go paint a yoyo or do some modding,

What other questions did you guys have…

I’m about to purchase a cheap laptop to do my learning on and other stuff…

Sleep? I sleep very well.

I think I have just hit a yoyoers block, or whatever it’s called, where its hard to learn tricks for a few weeks to a month…

As for the forgetting thing, I now And Whut perfectly and can do it well and fast, but I just forget I know it sometimes…


If you ever get that Envy64 done, you know how to get the money we agreed upon for that.


Try fixed axle. Now, I know your thinking, ‘what? There’s no way I would spend $5 just to see if I like something!’ Well, it’s really only like spending one dollar five times. It’s honestly not that much.

Lol. Anyway, fixed axle is quite fun. Try it.


I can do fixed axle as well :P…

I just use a Transaxle, for now :P…

But I do it with my butterfly, and Yoyoexpertman54’s homemade fixed axle wood.

Studio, I delayed having it fixed after you left.

But I see you still want it so ill get it fixed soon.


This. I can do all of the tricks that I can do on a CLYW on my DV888. I just prefer Summit because of the way it plays, not how long it spins.


Some people are wrong. The saying “It’s not the player, it’s the yoyo” and vice versa is just wrong. It is the player and the yoyo. You will have a much easier time learning tricks with a good stable yoyo. Sometimes you need to tailor your choice to the trick you’re learning. Here’s a couple of examples. I was trying to learn Butterfly, which is a chopstick trick. Now I didn’t know any chopstick tricks at all, and when I was trying to do Butterfly with my Chief, Classic, or other full sized yoyos I couldn’t even get into a chopsticks mount with any consistency, then I bought a Yelets. The smaller yoyo really helped me get the feel for getting into a chopstick mount, and now I can go into chopsticks with a Classic easily. Another example is with the trick Pump House. I was using a SPYY Pro, Chief, and other yoyos trying to learn it but I couldn’t get any of those to stay on axis throughout the trick. The yoyo was always tilting. I pulled my Sleipnir out, which I don’t play unless I’m trying to learn a trick that needs great stability. I got Pump House down with the Sleipnir in about 30 minutes and now I can do that trick with a Classic easily also. The point is that having a long spinning, stable yoyo will help you learn tricks much faster. Once you get the trick down with your premium yoyo, you will find that it’s much easier to do the trick with other yoyos that don’t have the same sort of stability or spin time.