Kill the Ant (forum game)

Hi all,
So one person says a reason the ant didn’t die in the last post… then tries to kill the ant themselves.

Poster 1: Ant is stepped on and dies

Poster 2: A Veterinarian was there to bring him back to life.
The ant is thrown in the ocean.

Poster 1: There is a yoyo floating in the ocean that the ant grabs on to.
Ant randomly for no reason catches on fire.

And so on and so forth… now let me begin;
An ant is eaten by a dog…

luckily before swallowed the dog gets sick and is thrown up

The ant is then attacked by a pack of wild anteaters…

But they turn out to be canteaters and they cant eat it.

The ant is shot with a bazooka…

But the ant found an anti-bazooka shield,

then the ant fell of a cliff.

but was saved by a ant-loving parachutist,

Then the ant was thrown into a volcano…

but the ant was fireproof,

then the ant fell into chocolate.

And so he ate it ALL.

The ant was dropped in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and is surrounded by 213 sharks who really love the taste of a good ant

But all the sharks are killed by japanese fishermen to make shark tail soup and the ant makes it secretly onto the ship.

The ant is on the busiest road in the world and is about to get hit by a car…

but time freezes and the ant gets away

then someone freezes the ant in a dry ice cube

But luckily a scientist defrosts him with harmless water.

The ant then gets surrounded by the scientist’s 22 anti-ant maching gun kittens

but then the doctor shows up with the tardis and saves the ant to help defeat the daleks

The ant buries itself underground to escape.

but then the doctor shows up with the tardis and saves the ant to help defeat the daleks

The ant is attacked by a vicious mole.

The ant finds a crowbar and fends off the mole.

The ant is thrown down… The Bottomless Pit!!

luckily he finds a jet pack while falling 8)

the ant is about to be smashed by a first time yoyoers yoyo that is about to hit the ground

it turns out the yoyo is tangled!

what if goku used an instant trasmission kamehameha on the poor ant!

Turns out the ant just ate a Mario Invinci-star, so nothing happened.

But as soon as The star wears off, the poor ant is surrounded by Xenomorphs! (Alien and Aliens, the two mouthed, vicious baddies)

The Xenomorphs turn out to be very friendly and throw a welcoming party for the ant!

During the party, one of the aliens accidentally steps on the ant!

Imagination, as usual, yoyospirit.

But before the ant is stepped on, a Portal portal opens up, sending the ant into an alternate dimension.

There, he is confronted by Frankenstein’s Monster!

This is a game that works on imagination right? :wink:

But Frankenstein thanks the ant after he found his brain!

The ant then is stolen by the U.S. government and is experimented on as to why it is so much stronger and smarter than any other ant!