QUICK! the item on the left of you is your weapon...

If there is an apocalypse, and the only weapon you can use is the item to the left of you, what would it be?
For me, it is a couch pillow.

Will you live, or not make it through?

Lamp. It’s a weapon and light! Sweet!

A rug. . . amazing.

A 15 foot tall solid oak carving of a ram on a brick base.

A laptop. I think im good :slight_smile:

i have a drum set i think im good lol

An old wooden tennis racquet. I think I’ll be okay.

same here time to hack

my 8ft by 3ft Dresser xD

my purse which has my ipod touch, 2 yoyos magnets, pocket knife, my gimp i have been working on, braces rubber bands and little charms in it… i will probably be okay.

My 3x2 foot poster from France… I don’t think I’ll be okay…

A huge desktop with a bunch of leds and other things I dont understand

Pocket knives.

A wall… I don’t know how this is going to work.

This glass bottle sitting next to me… this would make as a great weapon.
Did I forget to mention I also have a balison, two folding knives, a swiss army knife, and a giant glass ball that’s not too large to throw?

Left of me currently is a yoyo–my survival depends on how good I can throw forward passes and do eli-hops!

A wooden sword, a bow and arrow, a big glass Voss bottle, and a knife.

Oooooh youre gunna die.

What is this apocalypse? For just about anything food is the only thing that would really be on my mind. http://i.imgur.com/Nm9csXz.jpg

you gotta go Zelda on those zombies!