QUICK! the item on the left of you is your weapon...

A cactus.

I love Arizona.

A huge body-mirror. ::slight_smile:

Well, sounds like the zombies will get bad luck if they break it.


My stuffed animal… Yeah I’m dead.

A pair of Beats… Maybe the attackers will be so appalled by the terrible sound quality, and deafened by the overpowering that bass they’ll drop dead.

a bottle of Sierra Mist…that’s not even a strong drink…been nice to know ya’.

Airsoft pistol, and random stuff

:)Bullets but no gun

My Loop 1080 MUHAHAHAH

Oh snap, all I have is a salt shaker! Lets hope the apocalypse is zombie snails

Crossword book :)…

On my left I have a laptop,. an iPhone and a YYR Attune. It is too bad the apocalypse is keeping me from turning right. My gun cleaning/reloading bench is on my right, and I have 2 rifles and a ton of ammo there.

I have a quilt ive had since i was young (grammy made it for lil sammy) and a purple gameboy color with pokemon yellow version.
So it looks like im just locking my doors and playin some pokemanz!!!

A butcher knife… I’ll be living :slight_smile:

my phone…

well, i can call triple A :wink: haha

It’s a good thing when I read this post I was in my gun collection. I choose my winchester 10 gauge shotgun with modified scope. If I got to choose another it would either be my Henry .22 LR or my 9mm.

Hey why don’t you just turn around and then you’ll be facing you’re real weapons.

I have my doggy! He’s an old basset hound. And unless the zombies are cured with cuteness I’m dead!

A fork… I’m good.