QUICK! the item on the left of you is your weapon...

A lamp…


I liked my first one best.

a peanut butter and bacon milkshake.

my turtle beach px22 I will call everything a noob and talk smack about it’s mother.

A bottle of lotion (geddit :smiley: )

Looks like I’m using my girlfriend to fend off post-apocalyptic stuff

I don’t like these odds

Your girlfriend is right next to you?
Get off YYE!

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Guitar… Rock n roll you zombies

A book. At least it’s hardcover…

A fan…

This is what I will be using. :slight_smile:


A homemade film canister cannon. Could be used as a stunning weapon while I look for better weapons.

Looks like a Lime green GameBoy Color is my weapon…

YESHHH, my Unleashed 8)

My shotgun! And a puffin if wr picking yoyos lol

Phew! I lucked out, and happen to have a couple knives next to me… A Blind Horse Knives Pathfinder, and an Al Mar Eagle. But, they’re sitting on a pillow. Hopefully the pillow won’t be one of muy weapons! :smiley:


I have a soundboard

DANG IT! Imma fight zombies with my bowl of trail mix.

Lucky… All I got is oat meal mix… -_-