The Walking Dead Yoyo...Ahh the symbolism

So two episodes ago, Tara found a yoyo on “The Walking Dead”. Note: Yoyonews scooped this first. Anyway, my experience has been that seldom is something introduced on that show that has no philosophical significance. What could that be? Are they saying that even in the midst of the horrors of a zombie apocalypse, there are still elements of simple joy? Will this, perhaps, be Tara’s new weapon of choice (that would be so cool)? Or am I wrong? Is this just some pointless exploitation of the greatest toy ever invented…with the exception of the Game Boy maybe…no, yoyos are better. If I wasn’t hooked on the show before; I am now. What deep insights will the yoyo undoubtably reveal? A deep look into the very soul of man perhaps? Oh creators of excellent prime time television…you are so wise.

I think the significance was primarily to recognize that even in a dismal, filthy, Zombie Infested world… A world where ammo is important. A world where survivors spend hours on end; clocking out mutants, looking for food and trying to either outham each other or look as dirty, negative or hopeless as possible; that there is still time to pick up a throw and bust a few moves.

Marching aimlessly around the Countryside murdering the Undead might be good Cardio but killing does little to build character.

A well rounded mutant Eraser needs more variety in life.

A yoyo provides a satisfying sense of happiness that crushing Zombie skulls with an ax handle just can’t accomplish.


I see cheese
Cheese comes from cows
Cows make burgers
Burgers are sold at burgerking
Burgerking is a walking distance from my house
My house is my home
My home is where my heart is


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“Cows make burgers”?

Man… I don’t get out much. The Incredible future of Slave labor. Forcing cows to cook their own relatives.

When I was a kid people made burgers.

See what happens when people try to raise the minimum wage. You get fired and replaced by a cow.

No more burgers for me. I’m just not in the Moo-d.

I know my story was pure Bull. I think I better switch to de-calf-enated coffee.

PS… If cheese=heart; I would suggest eating mainly String cheese. The String will help hold your heart together.

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I think once things normalize, the survivors can get back to important stuff like Instagram and arguing with Starbuck baristas.


I thought the moon was made of cheese…does this mean heart = moon?

Anyway if the show didn’t give any replacement string with the yoyo then damn that’s just mean. Probably a sub-par yoyo with a starburst response system anyway. Maybe this is how Rick dies???