If you had to leave your house for safety what yoyo would you take with you ?

Hey you ! I’m bored and i was asking this to myself , if there was a zombie apocalypse,tornado,alien invasion and the list goes on… What yoyo would you take with you ? Or would you even take one ? For myself i’m hesitating between my protostar because i can smack it everywhere without woring about introducing vibe , even if it allready does or my superstar because you can defend yourself with it and what would be even better would be a titanium yoyo , more durable and you can spark it to start a fire if there isn’t enough sun to start one with your pee.

Delete one of the two , my phone messed up

Auldey Ares Stars, Magnum and Equilibrium.

…um. I don’t know how pee got in that post, but by golly it sure did.

Anyway, on the whole defending yourself thing, I’d say n9 floater. A cheap, really heavy yoyo that does damage, I have a scar across my eyebrow to prove it.

“P.s. I’m stealing your idea for a yoyo in a zombie apoclase for a thread idea. Gonna give you credit, but i’m so stealing it. XD”

Forget 1 yoyo, I’d take my whole case :smiley:

But that’ll be heavy! wouldn’t you rather you know, take an extra gun or something!? XD

who needs a gun when you have your trusty yoyo fleet.

i think i would take my genesis.
lets hope this never happens so i don’t have to choose.

Yeah, instead of that whole “blades don’t need reloaded” You can say “Don’t reload, re string.” XD

Probably my Triad or Cyborg.

Obviously all you need is a Luchador and a X-Bones. ::slight_smile: Oh and I shouldn’t forget to mention the Grim Sleeper! I bet I can think of more deadly throws. :wink: