Ok, a post by TheGrelots got me thinking. He asked what yoyo would you use to defend yourself against a zombie apoclase (If you have time, go answer that cause I did kinda steal this post idea from him, thank you!)

Bam. Zombies are on the planet. You don’t have time to react, but you being the thoughtful and smart person that you are (and good looking) you grab your survival bag, or bug out bag, or whatever, and ONE yoyo.
Now, what this one yoyo is, you have to judge on a few factors:

One: durability. You are gonna be fighting zombies, other survivers, bambi’s dad and countless other creatures on your journey. You yoyo’s got to stand up to the test.

Two: smooth, quietness. Dude, zombies. They go after everything that makes a noise, and sometimes even stuff that doesn’t. If your yoyo is screaming and shouting while you play with it, what’s the use in that?

Three: string. Whose eating who, the zombies eating you, or your yoyo eating the string. You’re only gonna beable to take, I’ll say, five replacement strings with you. For you’re life. (Trust me, I don’t like that idea either). After that, you got to scavage for that nasty doller store yoyo and break it for the string, or make your own.

Four: how good are you with it? You’ll be searching for food and ammo, but what if you need to be a street performer at a survivor camp? Can you dish out the tricks to earn some bullets or a hot meal with that yoyo?

Ok! Well that’s what I’ll say are the four criteria for your zombie yoyo choice, and I would like to add, please, we can talk about zombie plans, blades vs guns, all that fun zombie stuff, but PLEASE and I do mean PPPPPLLLEEEEAAASSSEEE be kind, not rude. Be constructive, not hateful. And most importantly, TRY to keep it MORE OR LESS on the topic of this thread.

Other than that, post away zed heads.

Sturm Panzer

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Gotta grab that gen-yo prestige. It can handle anything and I always make it sooo quiet with that KK in it!

Nobody remembers it but I’d take my Lunar Wind. Sharp shape + it has a bunch of sharp dings. And YYSL Ammo ::slight_smile:

XD I like all the answers! For me it would be tough. My 888 has a bunch of dings in it, it’s small and quiet, but does this weird tilt thing. My protostar is kinda noise, my dark magic 2 is broken…hmm…It might be a toss up between my token and n12 since both have dings, quiet and pretty nice little throws. XD

i like this one XD

uhhhh, i would actually have to say a 7075 aftershock can take massive amounts of dmage,pretty sharp if wanted to inflict trauma as well, i would use a difeyo KK with some thin lube on hand if i could just to keep it calm,cuz if well kept they stay pretty darn quiet. to earn a few things for meals and needed materials i could def perform, i would only have to be but so good in the first place to entertain some Z-day survivors but it could go the stretch on performance wise without a fudgin doubt. if i had to have strings that could last and only 6 STRINGS FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE! MFD carnival strings…they last for freaking ever. i could go 3 years with those if well kepts and i could catch food with them and still be able to throw with my rabbit foot nooser of a yoyo string.

so 7075 Aftershock-KK-carnivals
if i had to say another throw out there it would be some dazzler or something…but ied end up melting it down and making a blade out of that,my aftershock…XD i think ied rather change to the z-face then let her go XD

Kevlar string they say it lasts the longest.

I have heard awesome things about the after shock, but yours ‘I rather be a zombie than let it go’ make me want it the most now. XD Yeah, I use ammo and venom a lot, but they just don’t last that well for acolapse play

I do have some of that. It doesn’t play well but it’s hella strong. Put a car in netrual and you can tug it along with that string. I forgot about those strings man thanks for reminding me!

Haha welcome.

Sturm panser sniper Mk-2.
Kk and lube
Kevlar string.


Short sweet and to the point. XD

Blue ricochet
10 ball kk type bearing
and kevlar string!

I love my ric. :slight_smile:

I really want to get my hands on one of those! They seem really cool!

ILYY Noctu or YoYoJoker Stigma. Stigma in particular can be really painful.

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I just got the last blue one billybobs was selling thanks to Mikeff! I love it!!! It is a little smaller then expected but ever so smooth! :slight_smile:

it’s between that and the crayon for me. XD

Wow! That would do some damage. XD

That stigma tho. How does it play? haha

YES. I was going to say the Noctu as well.
#82 kevlar string
OD 10 ball for silence

Markmont Classic. That thing could brain an elephant. Then strap a chainsaw to it. Zombies will not live for long.

General Yo Magnum with kevlar string and a gold bearing.

Because magnesium would be handy.