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Hey YoYo Community! I am not shure if this is in the right place so plz move it if its not! So I am rather new to the yoyo community and I need another yoyo. I want to get the dark magic 2 because of its long sleep time and the recomendations for new players but I need a yoyo that is either a metal plastic hybrid or metal I much prefer a full metal yoyo but The yoyo needs to be very WIDE as well as have a long sleep time becuase of my horrible accuracy and I dont want to spend $100.00 on a yoyo. (non-unresponsive of course unless that can be changed cheaply). Any recommendations? also what can I get to hold my yoyos?


Sounds like you’d like the Jaeger from Yoyofficer. It’s nice and big while being all metal and is only $50. The other one to consider would be the shutter from yoyofactory since it’s width is 44.5mm.


I wouldn’t recommend getting a Dark Magic 2, unless you can get a cheap one off the bst. In that price range, you can get a Shutter, Benchmark H, V, or O, a Level 6, or pretty much anything from Yoyofficer. For holding your yoyos, if you want a case, TotalArtist has a good tutorial on how to make one, or you can buy one from YoYoExpert. If you want something to hold it on the go, YoyoFactory and TotalArtist make good holsters, and I make some myself. Oh, and next time you have a thread like this, put it in Looking for Help/Recommendation.


Thanks for all the help so quickly! I did some digging around and now I am looking at the yoyo officer kilter and lava! I am leaning tworads the kilter because of its slick “V” Shape and its cost because I am Purchaseing lube and a Bloop holster on yoyo expert and string and a glove somewhere else! Thanks!


YYE has a better string selection than most.


My recommendation would go to the YYF Shutter. Such a good yoyo for the price, and can handle anything you throw at it. Very wide and stable as well.


Is the yyf shutter unresponsive only?


All the yoyos mentioned are unresponsive. The dark magic 2 is nice because it comes with 2 bearings. I’d have to recommend the yoyojam classic with upgrade kit. I can’t think of any full metal yoyos that come stock responsive. And as far as your accuracy problem, try making your string a bit shorter and just practice. A super wide yoyo isn’t going to solve your problems, anything that has a modern “butterfly” shape will do fine.


Oh, sorry, didn’t catch the double negative “non-unresponsive”. Shutter is unresponsive, unfortunately. But honestly, binding is not hard to learn, so if you already have something responsive I would recommend learning unresponsive for your next yoyo.


The only responsive cheap metal yoyo I can think of is the dv888 with upgrade kit. Those come with the option of being either. Although it’s not very good I still think it’s better than a DM2 but the classic is my favorite responsive yoyo.


ok. so are both the lava and the kilter unresponsive? if it is I dont think I would have a problem with it, but where can I find the easiest bind possible? thanks for all of the help really apreciate it! bbut I really like the design of the lava and kilter espesially the price with string on yoyo expert a glove lube and the yyf holder but I think unresponsive would be better for me anyway scince the response always gets in te way of my trapeeze! Thanks and the case problem has been solved in the future Im going th get a contest bag off yye! thanks (still open to suggestions)


If you choose to buy an unresponsive, it would help you a lot if you buy a yyj classic with your order(10$) because starting with a responsive will help you learn to get a good throw with less frustration. Also going straight to unresponsive you will miss a few lessons that it teaches you that improve your overall skill quite significantly.

Also some feedback on your last post: if your response is getting in the way of your trapeze, your probably pinching the string causing slack to form and that’s what makes your yoyo start wrapping string. Even the most responsive of yoyos can land a trapeze with no problems.
In my opinion, you shouldn’t need a glove at all until you get really good and do tricks fast which might give you string burn(even then it’s debatable).
Lastly, I think you will have trouble learning how to bind(at the moment) if you can’t yet land a trapeze but all you need to do is practice.

(Owen) #13

Look at the Torque and the Shutter! Those will last you until you feel you want a new yoyo!

In other words, you wont ever need another yoyo, however, you may want one.


Nikolai with my progress last night Now I can land my tapeeze but Im just using the velocity and honestly it really sucks as a begginers yoyo. and what is a yyf classic? but im going to think about getting the glove its really just to keep the string from grinding into my skin and to keep the yoyo string along with my hand clean. but thanks!


The yoyojam Classic is a great beginner yoyo that also comes at a low price. There is also an 8$ upgrade kit to make it unresponsive. Also, it has a ton of colour options.

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“In my opinion, you shouldn’t need a glove at all until you get really good and do tricks fast which might give you string burn”

Also super helps with finger spins


I agree. I am learning “expert” tricks (according to yoyoexpert) and am barely finding string burn an issue. If I were you and I had bad string burn, I would use medical tape or something similar. If I’m correct, yoyoexpert sells something similar to it for 3 dollars.


ok you guys have all sold me and helped a ton now, here is my order,

25 Pack - 100% Polyester YoYoExpert String $4.99
YoYoFactory Yo-Yo Holder $5.99
YOYOFFICER Kilter $29.99
YoYoJam Lube $5.00
YYJ Classic $9.99
my free card packs

                                                         TOTAL 55.96

Thanks for all the help but I am not ready to buy yet so I am starting a new post go check it out it will be called Lets Rock


No problem. Happy throwing :slight_smile:


I won’t comment about the yo-yos, as I’m sure these other fine people have given you plenty of worthy recommendations. But for holding the yo-yos, I wouldn’t buy anything. I’ve bought a couple holders and they looked but they were both crap. They allow the yo-yo to hang too low so it swings and bangs into stuff. The Duncan holster outright broke due to the cheap plastic carabiner.

You can make your own holster that will hold up better, cost less, and look less goofy since you won’t have a yo-yo swinging around as you walk. All you need is a cheap metal carabiner, small as possible but big enough to go around a belt loop, and a Nintendo Wii controller strap (who uses those anyway?), or something similar. You girth hitch the Wii strap through a belt loop (exactly how it’s attached to the controller basically), attach a carabiner to the opposite end of the strap and your next belt loop. Put the yo-yo on the side opposite the carabiner and use the sliding clip to lock in your yo-yo on the girth-hitched end. Works great, costs next to nothing, makes no noise, and the yo-yo sits a little below your waist instead of swinging around banging into stuff.