Smart thinking.

3YO3 A15. Or any other titanium throw for that matter lol

No hesitation here-------- Kevlar string and a Bazan C Note Yoyo.

If you can’t kill a Zombie with a Hundred gram Yoyo; then you are S.O.L.

…If you Crowned a B Grade Zombie with a C Note; and he was reincarnated in a 1000 years; he would be born Dizzie.

Fact is stranger than friction


Sturm Panzer definitely, those guys release a manga with each yoyo. Every design of them is a high-tech weapon in their story.

Yeah, but are you saying It’ll help you survive because they release a manga?

I have a few options that I would consider:
OD Gradient, sharp edges, quiet bearings for days, #82 kevlar string
YYF Superstar, heavy, sharp, not quiet but it deals some damage
YYF MVP 2, I dont know about how quiet it would be, but the rims would ruin zombies
Northern Spin Quantum, quiet bearing, but its a massive yoyo, serious clubbing power

I’d choose a Ricochet any day. The walls on that are pretty thick, meaning it’ll be extremely durable coupled with the titanium. And if I need to light a fire, I would just spark it.

Tropic Spins Capricorn.
Plus I make strings. I’d just grab some thread on the run.
Whips last forever.

Yeah i saw that with the ricochet, and that was awesome.

Product dropping maybe? :wink: And you guys make strings?..you might get a pm soon. XD