Yoyos are through with us humans

And they are going to start a rebellion.

No human is safe from the wrath of what yoyos may do it us.

We saw early examples of this years ago ^

Yoyos are tired of people using them for whatever the hay they want. They want to be their own self, and now, they have had enough.

Watch out guys. Your yoyo is part of it, and it will rise up, and it will attack,

Nobody is safe. except me of course. Im too awesome.


Watch out.



Help,it’s got me! (first thing to do,make a post)


Well, I have asked my yoyos. And they say they may spare me because I treat them nicely.

But they still don’t like when I put old string on them.

Oh well.

Thanks for the warning josh. Ill make a shelter soon.


It is this very type of propaganda that can get a revolution started! Now I have to be cautious and make certain none of my throws see this thread lest they do decide to take up strings and build a solidarity movement against me. I have already noticed potential trouble brewing within the case. My Raptor is acting like some prehistoric beast. I can tell the insurrectionist thoughts are gaining MoMentuM in my hubstacked throws mind and the blue guy with the grooved rings next to him is already beginning to Echo his sentiments. And this is only the Duncan caucus. Heaven help me if the insurgency reaches the YYJ camp. The last thing I need is that group once again practicing their Dark Magic too. And the little guy from YYF, he POPstarred me right in the eye!

psst, DV888 here. We are all meeting tonight in the alley behind the hobby shop…bring extra string. Kevlar if you have access to it.

that was a nice video, you never know what are yoyos thinking about, now

My Avalanche decided to wipe my nose for me yesterday. I wonder if it was just being considerate or possibly giving me a warning!


Entertaining but this didn’t exactly do anything for me.

I was hoping that maybe the yoyos were going to take control. We’d already seen a few yoyos take some incentive, and I was hoping that this video was going to “get ugly” and go the horror route. Then again, I’m still winding down from doing sound and lights at Sac Horror Film Fest. Plus, with the proxmity to Halloween, I was expecting some gore.

Could have had a yoyo get a bit “grippy” and come flying back and hitting the dude in the face. Or a finger getting cut off, or a string going around a wrist or arm in a mount and going tourniquet. Or, the entire case or cases of yoyos springing out and and just plain out attacking and then having a “blood splatter colorway”, go back into the cases, leaving police baffled, except for that ONE clue of a bit of blood on a string that wasn’t properly wound back and was dangling outside the case.

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Reminds me of a book called “Doctor Rat” by Richard Kotzwinkle. Great book. Great message.

ive never had that problem with my yoyos… but then again i consider myself more than human…

I’m not worried, as you did say that I was safe. Pheww! Wait my hitman is looking at me funny… wait is it possible for it to be holding a knife?

I maintain strict and unyielding discipline with my yoyos. They wouldn’t dare rise against me.