Imagine this: You’re stuck on a desert island in the middle of the ocean. You have food and water to survive perfectly fine. However, you are only allowed 5 yoyo-related things on this island. You are also given infinite string, bearings, lubricant, counterweights, gloves, and silicone or response of your choice. What do you take?

EDIT: also, you are allowed to live on this island with one YYE forum member. Who do you pick?

  1. The yoyofactory bus, because that would be the most awesome shelter ever.
  2. C3 trident.
  3. Chief
  4. Code 2
    5.c3 solar
  1. Pararcord yoyo holder. Yoyo related and helps with survival!
  2. Evil Yo
  3. Dietz
  4. My DD counterweights
  5. (Non yoyo related) My pocketknife.

My case. lol

If I could only bring 5 yoyos though,

  1. General Yo Essence
  2. CLYW Wooly Marmot
  3. General Yo 5 Star
  4. General Yo Hatrick
  5. YYF ProtoStar

My favorite throws I own, in that order.

Man I was hoping this was going to be a thread that was “You’re stuck on an island which forum member would you pick to be stranded with?”.

But in this case I’d go for…

A lighter (Yes they’re in my yoyo tool kit.)


Full set of Side Effects.

Pair of Loopers

Offstring yoyo.

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That reminded me

Non yoyo related
6. Hand sanitizer (Multiple uses
7. Lighter

I pick Jake.

Or maybe elephark, his beard hair would be a valuable and renewable resource for all sorts of things.

An ILYY Noctu for cutting things
A Big-Yo for getting things out of trees
A C3 H5 for a blunt object
A few dozen Side Effects for drilling/impaling/hooking
A Duncan MG. Can you guess why?

And if we’re given infinite strings, I’d be off that island in no time. Given the loophole that there is no specification to how big the island is, I’d fasten together a few trees and gather a lot of food and start making my way out to a continent.

  1. YYF Supernova
  2. Code 2
  3. Chief
  4. Set of loopers
  5. Go Big

1: Sunsets
2: Compulsion
3: Sleipnir
4: Ti-walker
5: Challenger

  1. chief
  2. essence
  3. fury
  4. rextreme
  5. a lathe (with a generator)
    and for the fourm member, I would bring Mr. B!st, because he could make even more yoyos, some of which would be even more awesome than the ones I brought. ;D