Island yoyo


If you could only bring 3 yoyo with a infinite numbers of strings and other maintenance tools on an desert island. What yoyo would you bring?


Hmm… I wonder what the long-term affects the salt in the air would have on exposed aluminum and bearings. I know aluminum doesn’t corrode as fast as some other metals but it still does corrode… I’d guess if you were going to be there the rest of your life it may be something to consider.

I’d take a Duncan Mg, a One Drop Sovereign and some aluminum yoyo with maybe 100 lbs of string and a couple hundred bearings, just to be sure as I’m not sure what shipping costs would be to deserted islands…


umm a majesty mr .butcher and ummmmmmmm ti walker


Doubt I would be on the island for too long. I bet you could make a pretty nifty suspension bridge off the island with infinite string and bearing removal tools…

But, if I could only choose three yoyos, the cascade, the cascade, and the cascade.


My training would never allow myself to stay trapped on an island.


I like the idea of building a boat, of sorts, out of items you would find on the island. We should make a thread on that. Never know… someone, from here, may end up in a situation where they may need to build a boat, shelter, or something…


Old strings and a mixture of seagull poop and mud makes a very buoyant material.


I think the 7 episodes of Dual Survival that I’ve watched today so I dont think I’d get stranded :wink: But probably a Purple Mountain Majesty (shouldnt have traded away…) Cliff and my companies new unamed yoyo :slight_smile:


I was thinking about string and coconuts. Palm leaves and bamboo… Or, it may be possible to set-up traps and collect seagulls and use those as the floating apparatus for the boat.