Desert Island Throws

I stole this idea from a certain UK based YoYo forum.

It’s based on a UK radio program called Desert Island Discs where guests are asked which 8 pieces of music they would have with them if they were stranded on a desert island.

So imagine you are stranded on a desert island with some strings, (and possibly a counterweight!), which YoYo or YoYo pair would you want to have with you?

I would have my DM2 + Counterweight.

Fixed axel wooden Duncan. Wouldn’t need upkeep and no rust. No crazy tricks but no disappointment when it breaks down.

wood wears through with enough play :-\

any titanium yoyo or a St. Eel simply because I could use it for fun, and I could try to spark it to start fires if I really needed a fire. Lets hope that there are some monkeys or wild boar on this island so I could skin em and make some extra strings. :stuck_out_tongue:

But with the right flint rock or a pocket knife axles can be made.

Probably die of thirst or starve by then.

You could boil some sea in a metal yo-yo half and have a little cap in the middle. Have leaves on top to catch the condensation. Let it drip into that cap.


Food, eat a Free hand MG.


Just kidding that would be an over load.

Hmm, not sure what I’d do for food, clams?

Not sure you guys have quite grasped the point. xD

Let’s assume you have sufficient water, food etc. What YoYo would you have with you for the rest of your boring, shipwrecked life. :slight_smile:

no-jive mandala

He-he I get it. Making a joke, someone else said something.

I really don’t know, sooo many choices.

I’d probably bring a bunch of PSGs.

Gotta love google translate

[b]English only please. Check the rules. I also fixed it for ya.


Probably my DM2. That thing has some serious durability.

Square wheels royale

OD 54 with 20 side effects, never get bored ;D

H5,Dingo and Avalanche. Got em all covered, now I’m lookin’ for shrimp & oysters!

I’ve hit mine against so many things… It still runs perfectly. :slight_smile:

I would need my Code 1 and either a Solar, Go Big, or the soon to be released ZRO.

Avalanche + Yukstta

Dark Sonic or Yeah3. Basically anything C3yoyodesign.

I’d take my Whip to play with down by the beach- I would not have to worry about scratching my good yo’s on the sand.

I’d use my Orange Hazmat over the mat at the hut- don’t want to put any marks on, in case I’m rescued one day. The Pyramatte finish is just too nice.

I’d use my shark attack 54 while I was out fishing in my boat. Just for the irony.

And I would use my Dietz with a 35 ft string to hunt monkeys. I bet the monkey burgers and monkey ribs would be great with some bbq sauce. I know I could get one if I got up in the trees and waitng for em to walk by. The Dietz reminds me of a small but heavy little weapon that could be used used for yo’n and smacking monkeys in the head!

I’d use my DM2 Black Spade Edition with it’s shiny Pogs to signal any resucue planes to stay away cause I’d probly be enjoying myself too much to leave.