Desert Island...


If you were stuck on a desert island, and could only have one yoyo, what would it be? Just make sure not to get sand in the bearing…


Where is the Island located and what is the weather like? What resources are available? Am I stuck by myself or can I bring others along? If I pick a yoyo will I have string to use with it? :-\


A-rt orphan


Assuming its not inhabited by people. A titanium yoyo so that I can spark it on like a rock or something to make fire.


I’d bring something that would help me survive not a yoyo👍


Uh; dont look now but the OP asked a very specific question. A very simple question. “What yoyo would you have”?

He did not allow for any responders to identify parameters or limitations. Weather conditions and any other island factors are completely irrelevant. Who else might be on the island is of no consequence. Saying an object other than a yoyo to utilize for survival situations is outside of the OPs’ stated predicament.

The Original question calls for an ‘answer’ not more ‘questions’.

He isn’t asking what Mcguiver would do.

He is simply asking for a direct answer: What yoyo?

… Personally; I would bring the yoyo that Chris Neff had in the Duncan How to be a Player Video.

Chris made a yoyo out of two large glazed donuts.



I’d bring my accelerator

(ed) #8

not a problem. :wink:

(InvaderDust) #9

One yoyo…

AMS Tundra would be my pick.


Like most serious yo’ers, I have given this question a lot of thought over the years.
It wouldn’t make much difference to me what yo-yo I had, I would just let Mary Ann and Ginger pick one out for me.


Probably my General Yo Prestige or Legato.


My choice today would be my Parlay. Tomorrow you may get a different answer. :wink:


Truth! :smiley:


Assuming it would be one of the yo-yos i already own, (what would i be doing on an island with a yo-yo i dont own?) it would be my caribou lodge borealis.


Sadly; the OP failed to mention that you’re stranded on Termite Island.:roll_eyes:


Well at least you’ll get your protein on that island ;D

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Shout. Easy.


Since the island is supposedly deserted, I doubt shouting will do any good :wink:


For that amazing observation; I give you a standing




The shouting may depend on the “Amplitude”