EDC Yoyo knife/tool

Does such a tool exist? I EDC a Swiss army knife at school and a larger assisted open knife outside my classroom. Neither is quite what I would like to have for a yoyo multitool. The Swiss Army knife is probably the better option with the toothpick and scissors but…

I’ve seen the Unknown “key” and seen people carry bobby pins and homemade shish-kebab picks, but all require digging around to get them, and it would be adding just one more thing to my pocket

What else is there? If you could design a tool for players from the ground up, what would it include? A string pick, a usable blade, a bearing tool, a pocket clip to keep it accessible, and of course a bottle opener, all quick and easy to open/access. What else?

What do y’all use/recommend?

I use the end of a zip tie to pick strings.
Kevinm’s idea. It works well, and I can just put in on the carabiner that holds the yoyo.


then end of a zip tie is a brilliant idea! Thanks to both you and Kevinm for sharing the idea.

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It works really well, since it’s flexible and can get in between the threads and it won’t scratch anything.

You missed nail filer to flat dings out, and maybe a little pocket thing to store strings/sandpaper/whatever.
All that combined with a full fledged leather yoyo holder that covers the whole yoyo. Badass multi-tool.

The leather case style holder is what I want most and can’t find.

Problem with leather is that it doesn’t conform to different shapes and sizes. It would almost have to be custom made.

Maybe if it was made with elastic around the sides like a leatherman case so that it could expand? What the biggest diameter yoyo you you throw, 1A? That would determine the size of the front and back pieces. Line the inside with clothe/felt. Pocket on the outside to hold a tool. Now I just need to learn how to work leather…

I put a Gerber Curve Mini on my keychain. Yeah, the mini-screwdriver is metal, but you can pick the knot without contacting the yoyo. Then a knife for cutting strings. No bearing remover, but I added a slim tube intended for the purpose (C3 bearing removal tool) and it doesn’t bulk up my keychain too much.

I’d been meaning to post this for a few days, and then this thread took a twist that made me pull my finger out and get it done.

Since I have a yoyo with me more often than not, I have a small EDC yoyo kit that goes in my shoulder bag to work everyday. When I’m travelling I throw it in my luggage or saddle bags so I have a better than average chance of not having a yoyo failure that I can’t recover from where ever I am.

The most recent addition I really like is a cool little scribe for picking knots. I was searching for something small but pointy, durable but cheap. After some googling & digging around amazon, I found this one:

Its small enough to fit in a pocket (though I’ve tried, and OUCH!), and only cost $3.99.

For scale:

And for me, I was specifically happy as its the perfect size for my kit.

I use a Maxpedition Barnacle pouch:

And the scribe fits just perfect in the outside pocket where I keep tools for quick access:

So far the tool pocket is stocked with the pick, a bearing tool, and a handy little knife.

The knife was another thing I was happy to find in my search for this usecase. Not only is it nice and small, but its a lock-blade, and made by SOG, so you know its going to be decent quality, even for a trinket-knife. Won’t break the bank either.

The pouch its self is divided into two main halves, and then one side has two elastic pockets inside to keep other things separate.

I keep a few extra strings, two bottles of lube, and all my extra bearings in there, and it still has room to spare.

I know this whole thing is pretty silly, and to be honest I get a satisfaction from that fact.

A toothpick or a pencil might work just as well as a pick.

But I do like tools, and making little kits (satisfies my gear fetish, and perhaps some OCD 8) ) and so while some might think its a waste to put this much effort, and even the small amount of money I’ve spent into something that could be accomplished with a ziplock sandwich bag and a 6d finishing nail, I imagine there a fair few like minded mutants who might appreciate the nerd factor involved, and thus I am compelled to share.

About the only thing that could make the EDC kit better, is if there was room for an actual yoyo. There probably would be if I took out the divider between the two halves. I have looked around for a pouch that would be just as good for supplies and tools, but also have a space for a yoyo (or 2, but no more), and so far I haven’t found anything. Most are either too big, or they don’t have any organization options. Those that are the correct size tend to be just one big pocket, no sub-pockets to keep sharp tools away from shiny anodized metal. Oh well.

I’m pretty happy with what I have as it is, despite the fact that I can’t help always peaking out of the corner of my eye at the pouches on offering whenever I’m in a camera shop or army-navy store.

Anyone else have dorky kits, or accessories? I was somewhat inspired to post this after seeing all the various ways people are making their own yoyo cases, and I wondered what else people get up to.


Well, I have a shoebox full of all my things

You are an absolute need, and, your EDC kit has made me jealous! I’m torn between thanking or cursing you for showing this cool gear. It definitely beats the paper clip I have been throwing in my pocket, and the venom tube of string I throw in my briefcase!

Well done!

(In case it was lost in the reading, I intended calling you a nerd to be a compliment).

I just carry a couple of these with me and a handful of strings.
(paperclips can work in a pinch)

I use some wire from a wire welder as a pick for string. I don’t carry it with me, I just take my yoyos apart ALL the time (never had much for issues…). All I carry with me is a yoyo on a homemade holsters

My EDC is just what’s in my pockets…usually a couple yoyos, one being the Masamini and another being a full sized yoyo, depends on what I’m in the mood for.

Rest of my EDC is phone, wallet…

Speaking of EDC yoyos, I don’t think I can post the link on here but there is an upcoming yoyo called the Executive, designed to be a pocket friendly yoyo, created by DocPop. While I keep thinking that I haven’t gotten a new throw in a long time now, the Executive will be coming out of nowhere to surprise me…think it’s coming this fall.

String picks, I usually either just unscrew the yoyo or if I’m wearing a hoodie, I’ll use the tip of the draw string to undo that extra wrap which is usually the case most of the time (think of a failed GT).

Here is my main pick tool. Made from leather seeing needle slightly dulled over concrete then sanded smooth to remove sharp point. Handle is waxed string also used in leather sewing and a tiny bit of CA glue to secure thread to needle. Simple and effective.

Nice! Do you carry that in your pocket? :o

hey, cjp! Well thought out and well illustrated. Your ideas give us a good place to start in planning our own kits.

And dust; great idea for a pick.

I carry a pocketknife for cutting string, and an Unknown slice on my keychain for snags and bearing removal. It’s nice that yo-yo’s are low maintenance enough to not need more in the way of tools.

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I usually already have a folding knife in my pocket most days, but I hate using it to tease string out, at the risk of cutting it, or scratching the yoyo, hence why I sought out the pick. I did first try to find a knife with an awl/pick/marlin spike on it, as that would have been the perfect pocket tool, but its pretty niche, and I really only found such pick-like tools on fairly expensive knife/tools like Victorinox or Leatherman/SOG multitools, which are over kill for what I wanted .

Never seen the Unknown slice before, but might have gone with that had I seen it before I bought my scribe. Looks cool. :slight_smile:

nice exec! :slight_smile:

Haha. These float around my pockets. They work pretty good without tearing up my response. If I’m using a yoyo holster, they clip onto a split ring I keep there.