Help me with game ideas!


I’ve started work on making a zombie survival roguelike (not like anybody’s done that before ;D) and I need some help with ideas. I’ve already got a REALLY unique and creepy idea for the zombies, but I’m trying to come up with an interesting location.

Tropical island’s been done (Dead Island and stuff).
And Big cities are pretty common too.

I’m thinking right now about Southern New Mexico. You have inhospitable landscape where it’d be really hard to find enough food by yourself. You have small towns and cities, and you have a cool landscape.

I’m also thinking about Oregon. With Oregon you have a natural border on one side (the ocean) and you have cities, some wildlife to eat, and forests.

The advantage to both of these locations is that I’ve actually been there so that will help me design it. Though I’m fine making it in a location where I’ve never been.

My other question is what kind of guns do people commonly own? If you were just wandering through a city what kinds of guns might you find?

Thanks for the help!

(WildCat23) #2

Maybe England (Nothing from the US ever takes place there). Throw in some Celtic ruins for kicks.


That’d be pretty cool. I believe ZombiU takes place in London, but that’s the only one I can think of.


Do it in a poor town somewhere out east. Like some maps in MW Reflex.

Also, someone needs to make a game where you can do whatever you want. Walk around, have a house, race Ferrari’s, go to the military and fly to the Middle East, and drive trains, boats, fly planes etc.


Gun wise people mostly own shot guns and rifles. don’t be looking at sniper rifles and sawed off barrel shotguns Because people don’t usually own them. Also think of what you would be hunting with and go from there. Oh and don’t for get bows can’t forget them. But I your going to put it’s location in England you won’t find many guns because some of the harshest gun laws in the world.

I were you I think it would be awesome if it were taken place in like Germany or something like around the concentration camps and such. Or maybe somewhere like I south America like near machu pichu or Mayan ruins.


Kinda creepy coming from you.

(WildCat23) #7

So Minecraft?


Somewhat I guess now that I think about it.

But “real” life. Real figures not block guys. And then “real” cars with detailed interiors. And then a real plane like the one in Microsoft Flight Simulator X. And have guns with attachments and stuff from a game like MW. Then combine it all and you can drive around running people over (should you choose), fight in war, or fly planes around the city for no good reason.

(LordCanti) #9

It would be cool to have it take place in a post apocalyptic Las Vegas with casinos and deserts; great mix of barren landscape and cityscape. cough The Hills Have Eyes cough


Good point for not doing England. It’d be a cool place to have it, but I’d really like to have guns. South America could be pretty fascinating.
And yeah I’m mostly thinking of rifles, shotguns, and pistols.

That’d be cool, but I absolutely can’t do that XD I don’t have enough talent or time.


That would be neat. You would have all the luxuries people have left behind in the hotels (and a lot of zombies) and you’d have the desert. There’d be almost no zombies in the desert, so you’d be safe. Except that there’d be almost nothing to eat. So at some point you’d have to go back into Las Vegas. The only trouble is I’d like to randomize the city (it is a roguelike after all) so that might annoy people if they don’t think it’s arranged properly.

(LordCanti) #12

You could rename the city to something else… (or not name the city at all)
And if you need a reason for more unique weapons you could add a mob influence.
That way it’s unique but people can relate to it.


Good idea. Just like how GTA will have different cities but they’re similar to real cities.

({RTD} alecto) #14

why not Kansas? rolling hills lots of people own guns, ghost towns, not a whole lot of major cities, Indian burial grounds; you do have highways and some cities, but they are mostly to the edge of Kansas unless you count Wichita and Salina as big cities. Out near Liberal Kansas there is nothing except famers field. and they do have cattle so you have food resources and grain too. near Abilene there are a couple of small towns clustered together where guns are the “in thing”.


Kansas could be interesting. It’s important the location have a large enough population to have lot’s of zombies, but also have some wild life areas. Also next year I’m going to Kansas so I’ll have first hand experience!


Bump. Still looking for cool ideas :slight_smile:


Venice. Venice is cool. Venice has boats.


I’d love to see something that’s just crazy hard. Having to find food, water, shelter, survivors, running from bandits, etc. Open world/sand box to an extent. Randomness would play a big part of it for me. Every day you’re around there’s an x% chance bandits will come.

(LordCanti) #19

You gotta have at least ONE nazi zombie. ;D


Just replicate titanfall to the best of your ability and your game will literally be perfect


But fo rizzles, you could try a suburban area. Or Canada. Like Niagara Falls… that’d be cool!

Or, better yet, have an underwater atlantis battle with the zombies, and you are a novice scuba-diver with nothing but a harpoon gun… and “so much air”

Or… you could go the dessert route, and have most the game revolve around being chased through the dessert.

But, I’d just like to suggest these few things for your game:

  1. Avoid the city route. Maybe have one, but to have it revolve around one city has become very generic
  2. Avoid cheesyness (especially dialogue)
  3. avoid over the top stuff. Like, excessive firepower, excessive “going for shock value”, excessive anything