Whate state you live in(US)/ other country?

Pretty simple. I’m just curious what states you guys are throwing in, or if you’re outside the states, what country your in.

I’ll start.

Virginia, U.S.

Tennessee, USA

Alaska, US

btw, the community map tab has the world location of most people on the forum

Saskatchewan, Canada

Yokosuka-shi, Kangawa Prefecture, Japan

I know but a lot of people don’t register their location. Also, I heard that there are atleast 3 other throwers within 15 minutes of me and they’re not on the map.

California near Sacramento, a mere 20 minutes from the Capital and the State Championships.

I’m going to see about doing sound there next year, and for nationals.

Virginia! Only one in my area that i’m aware of!

Newport, Oregon. A hop skip and a jump from the one drop shop in Eugene, OR. (though i still have never been there.)

good ol’ western washington. About 20 minutes from Olympia.

Did you read the op?

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

What part of VA?

Portland OR

Modesto, CA

Grand Rapids, Michigan.

I’m not sure if I should be glad there’s someone within 60 miles, or sad because you live in Modesto.

I know someone in Elk Grove besides me is buying yoyos at the Toys R Us because I am seeing the inventory change, unless they are moving it to other stores.

Scranton PA

western Washington…

Medina, Ohio