would you rather


ok heres the rules:

1)no foul language or anything innapropreit
2)have fun

this is a friendly game of would you rather lets get started

would you rather ding your favorite yoyo or be banned from xbox for 1 month


Considering I don’t have a Xbox I would rather be banned.

Would you rather drink a cup of ketchup or a cup of mayonnaise?


a cup of katcup

would you rather eat a mouse or a rat


a mouse they seem more sanitary
would u rather get all your yoyos stolen or watch them get all crushed


Stolen, at least someone would enjoy them.

Would you rather give up yoyoing or be a social outcast


Be a social outcast. I really love yoyoing(might sound wierd) but it has taken me pretty far.
Would you rather die because of extreme heat or cold?



would you rather break your clavikol or break your pancreas



Would you rather go without christmas gifts or go without b-day presents for 2 years


well since i dont celibrate christmas imma say christmas


i dont get too much anyway, so birthday i guess

WYR die in a skydiving accident or in a beach accident?


skydiving. lots o fun!

wyr join a yoyo club or team?


Depends on the team style and name.

WYR chop wood or mow grass?


Chop wood. I’ve done it. It’s fun. Mowing the grass I have done as well. It’s not fun.

Would you rather watch Juno 10 times in a row without breaks or be blind for the amount of time it would take to watch Juno 10 times in a row without breaks?


WYR eat peanut butter for breakfast lunch and dinner everyday or have a cockroach infested house?


Cockroach infested house. I can call an exterminator.

Would you rather have the yoyo of your dreams or the girl of your dreams?


Girl. Even though I don’t have one of my dreams.

WYR have the Force or any, one, superpower


that is a cruel choice

one super power… and being a dbz fan, that of course is the ability to manipulate raw spirit energy


I was originally going to say “Chakra” as I’m a Naruto fan. It’s really hard trying to give that power a classification.

WYR have twins or two separate children?

(Jei Cheetah) #19

Children actually.

Would you rather be chained to the wall and have your eyes being gouged out slowly, or tied to a table and forced to throw up and eat on flesh taken from your side.

One or the other.


Both, I want to be JUST like RBD.

Would you rather be electrified and cooked, then eat your handflesh, or, die right now.