what if

this thread is for what if questions/ if questions. I will start. If you could have anything what would it be?

A german toaster

What if you where stranded on a island with a boat and 1gallon of gas(any type)

Gasses aren’t measured in gallons…

What if our reality is just a dream.

Then I would freak out.
What if your favorite yoyo exploded in your face.

I would scream, throw the remains out the window and go on with my life.

what if your dag turned into a giant crazy monster thing and tried to eat you?

I have no idea what a dag is, so that would be irrelevant.

What if you herped so hard that you derped?

I might flerp.

would you rather have 1,000,000 $, or one million dollars?

One million dollars. 1,000,000 $ is not correct…

What if were in the Matrix right now…

I would jump and fly.

What if you fell down in front of this group of people and Hyena.


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so many people say, “whats the difference?”. good job my friend…

i would be terrified.

What if China was really on top of Earth.

We would have an endless supply of Chinese food…

What if you got trapped in a time machine and you could watch anything you want, but never get out?

I would see the my mom slap the doctor when I was born, JK.

What would happen if Jayyo sent me a personal message?

I suggest you pm him about it…

What if science fiction was science fact?

Then we could reach absolute zero.

What if yoyos never existed?

I would have no callous on my finger….

Rich and ugly…or poor and beautiful…

Rich and ugly. Then I could just get plastic surgery.

What if you could have any super power.

Then I would shoot lasers out of my elbows.

What if your yoyoing hand was chopped off?

I would become a one handed banjo playing Phenom.

What if your toes turned into potaTOES?

Then I would mash them and become a cannibal.

What if yoyo expert crashed for a month?

I would die.

What if Jayyo ran up to you and squirted lemon juice in your eyes?