Vs forum game


Inspired by the ninja vs Bart Simpson thread

Here’s how it works, every participating reply will have this pattern:

Answer to above post ( no answer is wrong)

Vs for next post

I’ll start…

Big Mac bs new California whopper


Cal. whopper
I don’t what to spend 8 hours in the bathroom regretting McDonalds

Science vs History

I love history



Baseball vs. soccer


Futball XD

Naruto VS Dragon BallZ (if you say it as one word it sounds so weird)


Got to go with Dragon BallZ (Agreed on that it sounds odd as a whole.)

FPS(First person shooter) or RPG (Role playing game)



thats like saying Halo vs WoW

3rd person shooters/action vs Sandbox games(ex. GTA, Assassins Creed…)


3rd person shooter

Resident evil FTW!


I was thinking more of Mass Effect

Pyramid Head (Silent Hill) vs the Amnesia: Dark Descent monsters (I think they’re called “the Gatherers”)


Silent Hill… creepy.

Sega Genesis VS SNES



pie vs cake



Tekken 6 Vs. Street Fighter (4 I think it is?)


Neither, Mortal Kombat!

Rage vs Repression


Rage after repression

Chocolate vs vanilla



Happy VS Madison


Uhh… What?

Sudoku Vs. Word Search/Crossword



Coke vs. mountain dew


Mountain Dew.

Paper or Plastic?


Neither, METAL! :stuck_out_tongue:

Facebook Vs MySpa-… Naaah, that wouldn’t be fair :slight_smile:

Old Spice Vs. Axe


Old Spice. Old Spice has funny commercials while it seems Axe relies on lustful women to sell their product.

Hot or Cold?


Just under hot.

Mercury Capri vs Ford Mustang