blank VS. blank game


The game works like this :

  1. (for an example) Someone writes Fries VS. Pizza.

  2. The next person writes which one will win. (example : Pizza wins)

  3. The same person who answers it writes “something VS. something”.

OK , I’ll start

Tornado VS. Hurricane


uh tornado

skittles or starburst??


SKITTLES!!! Taste the rainbow!!!

Sarah Palin vs. History


hopefully History…

Applejack VS. Rarity.


(M.DeV1) #5


square box vs giraffe


square box
head vs. brick wall

(Raphael) #7

Brick Wall

hipsters vs. old people



old people.

pinky pie V. RBD

pinky pie, you are SO RANDOM!!


Ugh, thats a hard one. I’m going to go with Rainbow Dash.

Dubstep v.s. Ambient


neither. I dont like dubstep, and i dont like white noise.

I vote classical.

trolling v. paraspriting


They see me trollin’ they haytin’. (seewhutididthar?) So, yeah trolling. :stuck_out_tongue:

Warm Weather v.s. Cold Weather


cold. i hate living in florida.

HAYtin lulz…

money v. once in a life time Experience


Once in a life time Experience…I HATE MONEY!!!

Kung Fu Panda Vs. The Incredible’s

(Raphael) #14

I’ll take all your money since you hate it so much…


mario vs. solid snake



Mario wins

pizza vs hamburger



USA v.s. Canada



Geometry v. Algebra



it would outwit geometry an day…

venus fly trap vs. slug (such a sad, sad story)


Fly trap

Jeep v.s. Land Rover


Land rover

Football vs baseball.