You choose my next tutorial!!!!

You choose my next tutorial out of these 4 tricks!


Vannilla waters i guess

I suggest adding a poll. My vote goes to Junkyard. :slight_smile: BTW, this is a really good idea. :wink:

…Vanilla Wafers

Can I put one after I made the thread or will I have to make a new one?

You can add one to this thread. The button for it is in the bottom left hand corner. :slight_smile:

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You can put it up now.


1000 horse power XD

details… besides, i like vanilla waters better.


Help me choose! ;D

I think, in time, you should make a tutorial for all of them, they were really cool!

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Vanillllerrr Watttterrrrzzz

Oh, I will, just wanted to see which one is wanted first. :wink:

It looks like Vanilla Waters is winning, I will check it tomorrow at 3pm and that will end the voting, so if you think it should be somthing else you better vote…


I voted for Junkyard, but 1,000HP is a close second as the coolest trick.

junkyard ftw!

1 more hour to vote!!!

What happens if there is a tie?


Sorry forgot about the voting…hmmm…its a tie…we need a vote to BREAK the TIE!!! Let us break it! >:(

You can’t do both?