Fun Game

You pick an item (example:water) then that item must be able to overpower another item (example:fire)

Water overpowers fire!

I’ll let you start





I thought it worked like someone picks something, and then the next person says something in response, and the next person responds to that, etc…

Assuming I got it right, brakes.

freight train

Giant steel wall?

lava melts steel wall

Ocean stops lava

Huge rhinoceros (it the drinks ocean.)

Human(It kills rhinoceros with big gun)

Big rhinoceros’s friend, bigger rhinoceros(steps on human)

Rock on top of a cliff(Rhinoceros trips on it and falls thus killing it or at least hurting its leg).

big hammer breaks rock

fire(burns wood, melts metal)

A bucket of water.

that had NOTHING to do with mine…


Me (lowers thermostat)

runs through with sword. BWAHAHAHA!!

Sword. (Turns on you.)

me (I eat swords, with out milk)