The game

Rule 1: You are playing The Game.
You, along with everyone else in the world, always is, always has been,
and always will be playing The Game. Neither awareness nor consent is required to play.

Rule 2: Every time you think about The Game, you lose.
Loss is temporary; as soon as you forget about The Game you stop losing.
The objective of The Game is to forget that it exists. Good luck.

Rule 3: Loss of The Game must be announced.
Every time you think about The Game, and hence lose, you must say so.
This is the only rule that can be broken, but do you really need to cheat…?

Rule 4. After you lose, there is a thirty-minute grace period in which one may think about the game without losing.

Rule 5. The game may only end if, and when the british prime minister publicly announces “The game is over.”
By the way…game grenade!

With all due respect sir, screw you. I had gone for a decent amount of time loss-less.

I lost the game…

Ah, the joy of loss. :smiley:

I’m not sure if you’ve just come to light on what the game is, or if you’re intentionally making others lose.

Both. As soon as you learn the game, you then lose, correct?

How recent did you learn the game?

Eh, a while ago. Some buddies at my youth group taught me.

I have been playing this very special game for a long time and you forgot something in the rules

there is a 30 minute immunity for after you lose so you cant lose like 7 times in 30 seconds

although that is just how i play it

why did you have to post this? now i lost the game…

Oh my gosh, I forgot that rule! Except we play ten minutes typically.

DANG IT! I haven’t thought about the game in months. Thanks.

Also, another rule: the only person that can end the game is the British Prime Minister.

Ah, yes. Almost forgot. Well, I did forget, but who cares anyways, modify button…


I haven’t thought of the game… for… almost a year now… and… now… that streak… is broken noooooooooooo!

I lost the game!

I have a personal game where I figure out the gaps between the time when I though about the thing I’m supposed to think about…long story

Rule 6. The rules are not to be removed or changed. haha

But you just changed the rules by saying that!

Well if you already broke it once…

The game has been going around the Marching band since Band Camp…