Contest: The Splash Game! Winner Announced.

One more little contest before the end of the year…  :slight_smile:

The Splash Game

The Splash Game has officially launched, in the Yo-Yo Exhibition section of the forum, and it is basically an activity where you look at two sides of a yo-yo, and vote on which side the splash looks better.
H.O.T. Silver w/black red splash by TotalArtist Yoyos, on Flickr

You can read more by following the link.  If you have questions about the game, you can ask them in that section, but please read the stickied threads first.,33.0.html

Contest Details:

The contestants shall do the following:

1.  Indicate your intent to participate here, so I know you’ll be posting for contest purposes. 
2.  You must indicate which yo-yo you plan to post.  One for the contest, but as many as you like.   
3.  Post the yo-yo comparison photo in the Splash Game section, per game rules.
4.  The most “comment” votes (left or right) by Wednesday (midnight), of all contestant posts in the Splash Game…wins.  Set up the standard poll per rules, but only votes in the thread comments (specifically left or right) will be counted.  In the contest post, you will ask voters to vote by poll, and by comment. 
5.  Only forum members registered as of the time of this post, qualify to participate and vote. 
6.  Use your own original photos please.

My decision will not determine the winner, so I am able to assist anyone with creating a collage, if necessary.  In the event of a tie, my favorite player will cast a final vote to determine the winner (you can guess who my favorite player is).

I decided to do something a bit different with prizes.  Instead of offering one prize that you win for this contest, I decided to allow the winner to choose among various prizes, which one they want out of the bunch.  I think it is better to allow the winner to decide what they could use most.

Prize options (pick your prize):

NIP Duncan Echo (red)
NIB Delrin Severe (black)
MIB Spyy Supra (gold dust)
NIP Duncan Freehand (blue)
NIB Pair of Loop 1080s. (red/black)
MIB One Drop Yelets (yellow)
New YYE leather yo-yo holder, by TotalArtist black/silver)

It will ship within the U.S.A. If you’re interested, indicate your interest here, then work on your post.  Doing so ASAP might give you an advantage, you never know.

Special thanks to YoyoExpert, for making The Splash Game possible.  :slight_smile:


Coffelt - CLYW FG OG Avalanche - Jack Rabbit
YoyoGuy345 - Triton - Freedom
Gambit - C3 - Krown
Erik Kerber - OD x CLYW Summit Hot Fire Lava
Bcmaddog - C3 Cal States Edition DiBase
JSingh2k - G2 Triton Blue/Yellow fade
SlowyoJoe - VSNYYC Moonwalker J.Wong Anno
burdger - General Yo Majesty Lime Stew
Hudakjoe - CLYWxOD Summit 28 Stories
Logi - CLYW Chief - Cyro


I’m in! Thanks for organizing all this and for providing prizes! I will probably be entering a zip zop bvm2 or a supernova like my profile picture

I’m looking forward to it. Just let me know which one to count votes on…I’d like to see both. Thanks for voting too. Over 600 votes cast so far in the forum version of game.

I am in. Going to be my FG Avalanche of the Jack rabbit variety.

Feel free to vote here…,69895.0.html

Sweet! Two of the prizes are in your colors too. Hmmm…

TOTALY in. With my Cyro chief!

^  Sounds like a good one.  For those who don’t have a splash yo-yo to post…you can always be a voter and help these guys out.  Don’t forget to comment on their posts though, in addition to the poll, to indicate your preference (left, right).

By the way, this H.O.T. could use a few more votes.  I think I may have posted so many H.O.T.s  that it slipped through the cracks.,69856.0.html

I am so In With my hot fire lava summit or theres always that fancy avalanche hmmm…… so hard to choose

well Im in no matter what

Ooooh, okay, both sound good…post both, just let me know which one you think will get the most votes for the contest. Coffelt posted in record time. :smiley:

ohh l0oks like there will be some serious competition hmmm… red white and blue avalanche or hot fire lava summit Ahhhh I cant choose there both so awesome

well I think ill sleep on it

I look forward to seeing the more interesting of the two. :wink:

I think that I will enter my butterfly… Or my DTYY… I can’t decide!

Make sure that you post something per the rules, rare with unique engraving on either side maybe, or like a 3yo3 acrylic plastic where the color patterns are different on either side…something unique the way a splash is unique is ideal.

Does is have to be splash only? Cause I would like to enter my compulsion.

Haha no I was just kidding… I have nothing worthy for this competition. I just want to follow it.

If you believe your compulsion is different than other compulsions in terms of the color patterns and placement of the colors and so on…feel free to post it. The target yo-yos, and what makes them most interesting to look at is the degree of uniqueness in color/pattern/engraving.

Splashes are like fingerprints…no two the same. I would accept a rare solid with different engravings/colors on each side. Acid wash can have different interesting unique patterns, so they apply as well. I’m not as familiar with the compulsion, so unaware if they are all exactly alike.

The appeal for the game is looking at yo-yos that are somewhat unique in some way…rare in appearance is the target. I let a few early posts go, because people are getting used to the section and what it requires, but I want to keep that idea consistent throughout. :slight_smile:

If you think your compulsion is pretty rare and unique in color pattern and so on…it could be the one.

No problem. Casting votes is just as helpful. I don’t own a lot of splashes relative to my collection as a whole. I’m more of a solids type. Of the splashes I have, many of them are a specific colorway. So, I know this won’t apply to everyone.

I’m in! I don’t mind paying shipping in the unlikely event that I win, but if that’s not favourable then just chuck the prize to someone else. I just want to take part, sounds like fun.

I’ll be entering my blue/silver C3 Krown. Has a very different splash pattern on each side. :slight_smile:

^ You’re so entertaining lately, that I might have to take personal responsibility to get it to you in that event. I think it will be fun…let’s see what you’ve got!

I’m in! I’ll post my freedom triton or solar flare summit.