Prize Winners: The Splash Game

I came up with the idea of The Splash Game safe. Everyone who posts a thread in The Splash Game section, in compliance with the rules, gets their name entered into the safe. Everyone who has their name in the safe, has a chance to win. As long as your thread remains in The Splash Game, with no broken photo links, in good standing, your name remains in the safe. The more compliant threads you post in the game, the more times your name is entered into the safe. Your name will be entered, even if I post your yo-yo in the game on your behalf.

Every so often, I will pull a name from the safe, and give something away. Everyone who was a contestant in the last contest, has their name in the safe already. When it comes to giveaways and contests related to The Splash Game, I’ll keep track of all the winnings here.

  • Prizes shipped within the U.S.A.


12.20.13 - Gambit - Yelets (yellow)

01.20.14 - Burdger - YoyoFactory Delrin Severe (black)

  • Time to celebrate over 25,000 views in the forum game, and 198 people playing on Instagram, by casting a vote.

04.26.14 - Mofoya - Yoyofficer Fit (blue/silver)

04.26.14 - Erik Kerber - Glow Northstar

04.27.14 - Logi - Loop 1080s (pair/red)

04.28.14 [Instagram Winner] - Bcmaddog - Yoyofficer IMP (red/silver)

05.08.14 - Burdger - Yoyofficer Kilter

05.08.14 - [Instagram Winner] Superyo_ - Rec Rev Octave Gen. 3

06.03.14 - [Instagram Winner] Zort Commander - New Violet Protostar

08.21.14 - Doublebass - Northstar, Aurora Borealis

09.20.14 - [Instagram Winner] YoyoFinger - Protostar, Marbleized

10.24.14 - [Instagram Winner] Eth4nw - Custom John Higby Duncan ProFly

3.09.15 - gijoey959 - Northstar - White Glow (TA x YYF x YYE Promotion)

3.09.15 - [Instagram] DarkMagic53 - TooH.O.T. - (TA x YYF x YYE Promotion)

5.21.15 - [Instagram] Dragonegs - Horizon - (Watermelon half pink/green)

10.13.15 [Instagram] Codorr - YoyoTrap - Helium (silver/purple)

2.1.16 [Forum] Zorro - Recess - First Base - Blue

I am announcing burdger as the current winner of this giveaway. He posted in this section twice…not surprised that he got the win. He won a YYF Delrin Severe. Just sent him a PM.

Congrats Burdger

Also How often o these give aways happen?

I’ve been thinking.

I don’t want to do a monthly thing like click it stick it…cause that’s already going on. I think it’s just a combination of everything falling into place, such as hitting a certain subjective “milestone” with this game, having a nice prize to give away, things like that. So, this will be one of those giveaways where you never know what’s going to happen…or when.

There literally is a Splash Game safe too…I’ll post a photo sometime later. It looks like a safe shaped piggy bank, and I can feed names through the top where the coins would go, shake it up, and open it with a combination to pick a name out. :smiley:

The last prize was supposed to be celebrating 1000 poll votes on the forum edition of the game. But, I didn’t get the lead out until it got up to like 1300.

YoyoExpert offered some prizes for the game too, so things should get interesting in the future. As you know, I have a pretty good collection of throws going, so some of my things will occasionally turn into prizes too. I gave one prize last month…and one this month. We’ll see how it goes from here.


Thats pretty cool That YYE offered Prizes

Cool TA! I would totally post more if I had them haha :wink:

When is the next giveaway?

I’m thinking the end of the month…maybe :-\ But, I’ll give you guys some notice in here when the time comes. :slight_smile: We’re getting a great number of views, given the section the game is in, so that’s the next excuse to celebrate.

^Cool. I’m excited to see what your planning on giving away this time.


I will announce a few new prize winners on April 25th. I’ll do 2 on the forum, and one on Instagram. The prize for Instagram Splash Game will be different criteria. Watch out for it late next week. :wink:

Cool. cant wait. :smiley:

Okay, it’s time to announce a few prizes. I’ll be back about 10:30 to post up. I expect to mail the prizes out on Tuesday. I’m just waiting to get all the prizes in hand. Maybe I’ll do more than two…you never know. :wink:


What are the requirements to be entered?

Change of plans. To celebrate Mass States weekend, and over 25,000 views in the game, I’m going to give away stuff throughout the weekend. So, beyond the two I promised, there might be more throughout the weekend. I’m feeling…generous. It’s a good feeling. :wink:

@J Singh 2k

The more you post…the better your chances of winning. No guarantees, because it’s pretty random, but as long as you have a Splash Game post, you’re eligible to win. Not just this weekend, but in general. If there are no broken links in your posts, and you posted per the rules…at some point, you just might get lucky in here.

This is awesome. I’ll be busy saturday but I guess I’ll get to find out who wins when I get back cant wait.

Sweet! Hope I have a good chance :slight_smile:

Mofoya just won a Yoyofficer Fit. He made some nice posts lately, several entries. I appreciate his efforts in posting and generating content for the game. Congrat’s. I’ll announce a second winner in a few. Then, maybe I’ll do one tomorrow too. ;D

Oh, and if Mofoya wants me to officially Splash Game collage his Fit for his next post, I’d be glad to…just say the word. :wink:

Congrats mofoya