Lifes big questions

Hey guys I was just sitting back and thinking…

The game.


u completely suprised me on that./…

Looks like you lost.


Everyone’s arbitrary sense of loss just skyrocketed.

I, for one, have won because I don’t care about this pointless sense of losing.


I just won the game.

It took decades of time and hundreds of thousands of dollars. But finally. I have won.

You can only win the game when the Prime Minister of Britain declares that the game is up.

Obviously you don’t follow the Prime Minister like I do.

winning, winning, winning…

I married the game.
We’re not doing too well :-\ There’s talk of divorce

Wich game lol?

The game of looo-oooove~

Ive seen this on two forums today so… I’m bi winning.

the pope recently decided the game was over :wink:

Although i couldnt care less, im an aetheist. (cant spell for my life)

You forgot the silent q…

You can never win. You only win when your dead, and can’t lose anymore. I have friend who literally plan on putting “I win” on their tombstones. That way any person who goes to their funeral loses the game.