Last Post Wins!

This is a game taken from another forum for a tiny game called Outwitters. Go try it. But on to the rules…

The last person to post wins. If you are to ever have any hope of winning, this topic must be forgotten by “Everyone,” probably even you… Either that or this thread is closed, the forum is shut down, etc, etc…

In an attempt to keep this thread active, and not boring, please post something relevant the discussion that is currently active in the thread, or a comment that may spark a new conversation. After around 75 posts on the same topic, maybe try to change the subject to spice things up. It would be appreciated if you would only post “I win” before or after your comment. If all you post is “I Win” or “You lose” or any other rather short and pointless comment, it will be considered spam. Who wants that right?? So lets try it.

I am currently the winner

This is a pretty sweet idea…like I needed something else on the forum to keep me busy! Lol

I am winning

Yeah lol. I totally agree… Not sure what to talk about so I nominate somebody else to work a conversation.

This will never end… (until the mods shut this down; which, by the way, now would be a great time to do it, while I’m ahead).

How do the moderators do that? I guess they just have a special account so they can delete it only after I post, cause, well, yeah, I am winning

Or this forum gets revamped and they use a different platform.

Like the “how high can we go thread,” this thread will only end in sadness :’(

I feel that our current discussion is very negative…

It’s only as negative as you make it :wink:

^I make it extremely negative

I guess it’s exceptionally negative, like as negative as negative infinity.

Let’s make it happy.
We all love yoyos
And the most positive of all…wait for iiiiiiiiiiiiitttttt…;)…:P…OK that’s enough…my thumb is sick of hitting the period button…I AM THE CHAMPION!

Oh, so you are the dictator? Huh! You think you are all that! Well guess what!!!

I guess that’s okay :wink: except for one thing…

I am the winner!

Well yeah of course it’s OK that I am the dictator, cause I am!

I am #winning

Or are you?

Me won, you zero

Me tWONtey, you z3r0

You tWONtey, me WONmillion


:unamused: me qWONtillion, you one million


Lol, confused a bit?