Joke competition

The rules are u have to post a joke and the one with the most thank yous will win . Two jokes per person and every one has to vote.
and the winner can tell me to say something embarrassing about myself,this will end in 3 weeks.
I’ll announce the winner in this topic and the winner will message me.

Question: you are the judge but the most thank yous wins? What is the point of a judge?

I’ll count this as my joke (riddle? Other?) if anyone wants to give me a thank you for it :wink:


Ummm, ok, so how does this really work? One can’t validly vote until ALL of the jokes are posted as I see it. If I vote today for a post I feel is funny, how can I delete that if I later find one that is MUCH FUNNIER (actually as an admin/moderator I can, but the ordinary, average guy can’t do that, so…)

Then wait for all the jokes

Someone stole my Microsoft Office and they’re gonna pay.
You have my word

Most ladys say I’m ugly until I tell them how much I’m payed

Then they call me ugly and poor

Man, you are really spamming with the new threads lately!