The Official funny YouTube video contest!

Hello all!

One of my favorite things to do when I’m bored is to find funny YouTube videos! They’re a fun way to kill time! I’m sure many of are the same! So I decided to make this contest so we can all get a few laughs and someone can win a small prize just to make it interesting! So rack your brains of your favorite videos and try to win!


1 entry per person
Ends in one week at 10 pm central time!
After the one week I will choose my 5 favorites.
Then there will be a 3 day voting period where the winner will be decided!
Try to keep them relatively clean guys


A mixed bag of 25 yoyo strings!
Plus a bag full of yoyo stickers/pins/iron ons etc…
I know it’s not much but you’re not doin much lol!!
If anyone wants to donate to the prize that would be great!

Have fun and may the funniest video win!

Another rule- age appropriate! There’s a bunch of funny videos that are inappropriate.

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yes. And it’s funny this tread came up. I’ve been wanting to start a funny video thread :smiley:


Not funny

Just gross.

Sorry. I’ve always thought that that video was hilarious. Sorry if it grossed anyone out.

:smiley: But at the same time I can see how it’s make people grossed out…

Links never work on my iPod, so I’ll just say what it’s called. Ultimate Dog Tease.

Alright. My sad attempt at a link:

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Cause your doing it wrong obviously.

Just copy URL or the link from where ever and put it I side the url and /url except with brackets [uuu][/uuu]

Not sure if this’ll work. I haven’t shared any sort of links (except pictures) with my iPod.

The problems not with linking, it’s with copying. I have no idea how I can mess up copying, though.

Not really a funny video, but its amusing!

Amusing is funny… -_-

Please watch the language in your videos…