Dead Threads Ornament Contest

There is a Dead Thread Christmas Contest coming up on December 1st- 15th
-Use appropriate music (No swearing)
-Has to be under 1 minute and 30 seconds
-Needs to be a Funny and Comedic video and include yo-yoing(like you didn’t know that)
-Introduce yourself! We don’t want to pick “Mr./Ms.No Name”!
-3rd place- 5 pack of DT Ornaments( a choice of red or green poly string)
2nd place- 10 pack of DT Ornaments (5 red and 5 green strings)
1st place- 15 pack of DT Ornaments(5 red and 5 green plus an additional 5 pack of green or red)
This is going to be a very fun contest! We are excited to see everyone’s entries!
You can post on here or on the Dead Threads Facebook page!
Any questions? Pm me, Duskeye0221,or OfficialDT


I look forward to it! Will the video be yoyo related or not?

Yes, and no international entries…sorry!

Keep in mind as I am a part of the competition team, I’ll be one of the judges on who wins, so you know who to appeal to ;).

I’m also judging, so be afraid…I’ve been watching judging @ competitions since I was 6, so I’m pretty tough

Aha! I found it… and sounds AWESOME! I need new string too lol!

Hey guys! Big news ,we have categories for the contest :funniest , best performance , and team favorite! We don’t know yet if there are more ,but be prepared for more to come!

Awesome :slight_smile: sounds like fun!

Hey guys, we have 5 days left till the contest starts! And follow Dead Threads on Twitter

2 more days until the Dead Threads Ornament Contest starts! Can’t wait, this contest will be very interesting. Make sure to leave a like at the Dead Threads Page, and we will give a personal thank you to everyone that enters. Make sure to get YOUR video planned out!

I thought it started Saturday…but I’m excited as well! Do your best and hope to see some submissions!

Oops! I was thinking a little ahead! :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s a DT Ornament?

String by dead threads, I’m pretty sure.

DT Ornament is the name of our holiday pack, it’s the prizes for the winners

The name of the contest is DT’s Ornament, the strings as the prizes will be Polyester. By the way the contest starts today!


Sweet i totally wanna get down on this

my vid will be up within the week!

Im editing a video now…

Its silly