My first "Thank You!"


I got my first “thank you” from HipposLoveCereal on a Sniffy-Yo Puffin Review Notes thread. YEAH! HipposLoveCereal rules! All I’ve ever really wanted was a thank you. Now I just need to receive one for something helpful, and not just a wisecrack. ;D

aka “Happy”


Make him receive thank you’s…

I’m done.



Thank you all! Now quit it, before everyone thinks I’m trolling for “thanks.”

:slight_smile: :smiley:



Every time bpg posts, we need to give him "thank you"s.




Ok, ok. Quit it! Yer gonna get me in trouble. :slight_smile:

(Really smiling. But starting to become embarrassed.)


If you get 8 thank you’s you are immediately banned from the forums. Just hope you don’t get that extra thank you for your original post.





Keep it going!
I have given more thanks than received anyway… >__>


youre mean ::slight_smile: