What the bricks? Button.

(JM) #1

We all know and love the Thank-You option on all these posts, but I would love to see a “What-the-heck-are-you-talking-about” button.

I’ve seen other forums with “Facepalm” buttons around, and I think it’s a novel idea. Instead of instigating a flame-war, we just click a button!

(Jesse) #2

That’s actually a really good idea, the idea of a No Thanks button has been tossed around, but I think that’s a little too mean. This would be a great way to voice your opinion without starting a flame war and without being really mean.

(JonasK) #3

The problem with an awesome noveltylike this is that people will start abusing it.


I am just going to bring this into here:

People “Abuse” the Thank You button. I have seen countless stupid Thanks Yous that didn’t help anyone. It really gets on my nerves. People also think the more Thank Yous you have the more likely it is that they are an eXpert. Some people get a ton of random and stupid Thanks Yous (Samad for one) that I don’t think they deserve.

I would like a “Fail” button or something, because 1/3 of the posts here I can say Fail to.


Another good idea in theory, not necessarily in practice. I would love to have something like that though.

(JonasK) #6

I just totally abused the thank you button right there.

Actually, no. What you said couldn’t be more correct. There are a lot of pointless thank you’s being given out to people all the time. But. If a person here has something against another person, he/she might actually give a “facepalm” to all of the posts. Which is a lot more annoying to the person it’s done to (and the whole forum for that sake) than “not getting a thank you”.

(JM) #7



where is the thank you button!!!

(JonasK) #9

Try to find the quote button first, it’s right next to it.

Upper right corner :wink: