Agree Button

I was just doing my normal reading and I thought to myself why isn’t there a button that lets you agree with someone rather than have forty people post the same thing or post something like “I agree with so and so.” It would be kind of like the thank you button. Also when people have questions people can look and see what the majority of people agree with. It’s just an idea and I’m not sure how easy it would be to change something like that, But all I see it doing is cleaning up topics.

Thank you for your time,

Make a poll with “Do you agree? Yes? No?” as answers.
Problem solved.

I wish there was a button to turn off your avatar. :confused:

Why not just press the thank you button?

An agree button would take too much room on the side of our posts.

The thank you button just doesnt have the same effect but as you wish it was just an idea.
And as for hypnotoad its time to change him out anyways. :slight_smile:

No! Don’t take away the hypnotoad! I’m going to miss him.

i should put a gigantic one in my siggy

i actually think an agree buton would be useful. if you answer something and someone agrees with you, it saves room. it is a pretty good ide-ALL HAIL THE HYPNO-TOAD

the thank you button is different from a agree button. It seemed like a good idea at the time. you can thank somebody for making a helpful post but alot of topics consist of decisions and the agree button would be a great asset.

Why did everyone just ignore this.

I agree with Mi, however there are a few flaws i can see. Like people who didn’t start the quote, cannot create a poll

And the fact that people will post agreement anyway as long as post count is visible.

well the thing is that if someone posts “i am deciding between this yoyo and that yoyo, and i like this in a yoyo, but i also like this…”

and someone replies with “i would recommend this one because it fits these preferences better than the other…”

if someone has the same opinion, a button that says “agree” next to the replied post would be excellent. you cant make a poll to say agree or what ever.

A poll is more of an active kind of thing. An agree button would be more passive. We don’t want to be constantly asking do you agree, I would love to see an agree button. It would makes thing super easy. INCLUDING this thread. I would guess that most people agree with AFrozenYetiBaby’s idea. But we won’t know until we get an agree button. Who agrees!?!?!??

This is exactly what the thank you button is for.

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I agree with a bunch of peoples opinions about the agree button and if we had one i wouldn’t have to waste my time posting this and you don’t have to waste your time reading it because i could of just pressed AGREE for almost any post :wink:

Way to pull a Tomonzzz.